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Calf Compression Sleeves for Muscle Soreness

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Have you ever felt sore or achy after starting a new workout routine?  

Or maybe you have pushed yourself a little harder than normal during your regular exercise routine?

Why do my muscles hurt after working out?

It’s common to feel some distress and muscle pain a day or two after your routine is over.

This is common and is a sign that you’re getting fitter!

What is DOMS?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

This feeling usually arises when someone starts a new exercise program, changes their routine, or attempts to increase the intensity of their regular workout.

DOMS is not a sign of a weak athlete or a fitness enthusiast getting older.

Anyone can experience DOMS, even the individuals who have been exercising for years or competing as professional athletes.

Reasons for DOMS?

Examples might include:

  • Running or jogging downhill
  • Lowering weights
  • Going downstairs
  • Completing the downward motion in pushups and squats

How Can I Treat DOMS?

There’s no simple way to treat DOMS, although wearing calf compression sleeves helps aching calves and helps to reduce muscle swelling and limit movement in the injured area.

Typically, you’ll find that DOMS do not require any medical attention and most cases last for an average of between three to five days.

However, if you are concerned it’s always worth talking to a medical professional for that peace of mind.

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