Copper Compression Socks

Covid-19, Precaution for Doctors & Nurses

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In this difficult Situation, 360 Relief would like to show appreciation for doctors and nurses who tirelessly spend lots of time on their feet for us as frontline workers against this Pandemic.

We are offering a pair of Copper Compression Socks that will make you feel active & comfortable, no matter where, when, and no matter what you are doing!

It is incorporated with a unique copper-infused, moisture absorbing and breathable fabric that maintains an optimal temperature for maximum level of comfort.

The Copper infused material ensures that your feet and legs stay sweat absorbent without irritating. Its 360-degree stretch gives you compression without sacrificing comfort.


Our compression socks are perfect for anyone.

Everyone can benefit whether you’re a nurse, marathon runner, teacher, athlete, expectant mother, traveller, or recovering from an injury, these compressions socks will help to prevent pain, fatigue, swelling and cramping in lower extremities while improving circulation and overall comfort.

You can order an exclusive pair of 360 Relief Copper Compression Socks

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