Start healing your calf injury and get back in action

Suffering a pain from previous injuries? Or looking for prevention? We’ve got you covered! There are many misconceptions about running and how athletes can best train to lessen injuries and enhance performance.

Strained Calf Muscle, is a common injury, especially among athletes and runners. A pulled calf muscle occurs when your internal muscles are overstretched from exercise. Calf muscles strain can be chronic from long-term injury or from over stretching the muscle.

Lateral Gastrocnemius muscle is responsible for “jumping off” or accelerate movements.  A gastrocnemius tear can occur in different grades, each one classified by the severity of the injury. And are common in Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis.

A medial gastrocnemius strain (MGS), also sometimes called “tennis leg”, is an injury to the calf muscle in the back of the leg. It happens when the calf muscle is stretched too far resulting in a partial or total tear within the muscle.

Pulled calf muscle occurs when you overstretch the muscles in the back of your lower leg. It is important you begin a series of exercises to gently stretch your calf muscles. This will help your calf muscles to get back into their normal position. This helps to reduce the risk of further injury.

Stretching the tendon and walking on tip-toe can aggravate Soleus Calf Strain. It is essential for everyday activities, such as running, walking, and balancing.

A Torn calf muscle can be caused during sports where you need to push off with your feet quickly for a sudden burst of speed while playing tennis, baseball, soccer, racquetball, or even simply running.
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