Get Back in Action Without worrying about the knee injury with Our Unique Knee Braces

If you’re thinking about hitting the slopes, better to be cautions rather than getting an injury. Whether you’re into CrossFit or casual morning jogs, you’ve most likely have experienced one or more of the following injuries. At 360 Relief, we have a variety of products to get you back on your feet and running in no time!

Some of the common Knee injuries are:

Is bursitis an acute injury? Bursitis occurs near the joints that perform repetitive motion. It is a painful condition that distresses the fluid-filled, tendons and muscles near your joints.

Cartilage Injury: People with cartilage Pain commonly experience joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation (swelling). This tissue acts as a cushion between the bone joints.

Knee Arthritis: Having arthritis in the knees doesn’t mean giving up on your favourite exercises. Early detection and preventive action can be the best cure.

Knee dislocation can be caused by placing an excessive amount of pressure on the knee joints. Injuries can occur as the result of one or a combination of the following: Direct trauma to the knees, Excessive pressure from movement, Weak leg muscles, Misaligned or elevated patella.

Activities that involve aggressive twisting puts you at risk of a torn meniscus. Sports that require sudden turns and stops may put you at risk for meniscus tears. Some of these sports are: Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis.

Anyone can get patellar tendinitis. It’s more common in sportspersons, mainly for those who play volleyball and basketball, that why it’s also called jumper’s knee. Causes can be: Tight leg muscles, misaligned feet, ankles, and legs, obesity, chronic diseases that weaken the tendon.

For the ultimate support, our range includes knee braces and much more. It is designed to provide comprehensive protection for all levels of athletes, whether you are looking for knee supports for running, skiing, football, cycling or general wear.

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