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Your knees are a complex part of the body and are often over worked. Common knee injuries include sprains, strains, bursitis, dislocations, fractures, and meniscus caused by twisting, bending or applying too much force and pressure to your knees.

What are the Benefits of wearing 360 Relief Knee Supports?

Reduces Pain

It’s recommended to wear knee supports for relieving pain, while providing comfort, warmth and keeping your knee in place.

Shifts Weight

Your knees bear most of your body weight and help to provide the stability to move around.

Our knee supports help distribute the weight from your knees.

This makes the support itself and your knees work together to share the weight and tension, whilst providing support and comfort.

Easy to Use

Most of our Knee supports have straps that are easy to adjust and manage the grip according to the level of pain.

Most importantly, they are designed in such a way that they can be worn over or underneath your clothes.

They help to recover injuries and provide support throughout the process of recovery.

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