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Ankle injuries are common in basketball players, and proper medical attention is necessary to get back on the basketball court. The most common ankle injuries that basketball players experience may include ankle sprains, avulsion fracture, Achilles tendonitis, Achilles rupture, and plantar fasciitis. An ankle sprain occurs when an outward force stretches your ankle ligaments out of their normal position. An avulsion fracture may result from a traumatic condition when a bone moves one way and a ligament or tendon is suddenly pulled the opposite way.

Adjustable & Breathable Neoprene Ankle Brace for Weak Ankles


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360 Relief Adjustable Ankle Brace is effective to ease pain, swelling and can help manage symptoms of your unstable ankle.

Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Support Brace to Prevent Ankle Pain & Injuries


Prevent, Treat, and Recover!

360 Relief Ankle Support Brace can help in lowering discomfort and speeding up the healing process by offering complete support and protection.

Ankle Stabilizer Brace Support for Injury Protection and Pain Relief


Support and Stabilize Your Weak Ankles with 360 Relief!

360 Relief Ankle Stabilizer Brace can help support your weak ankles, reduce swelling and pain by restricting the unusual movements of the ankle.

Ankle Support Brace with Cushions for Support & Protection


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360 Relief Ankle Support Brace can help support your ankle and relieve pain and discomfort while working or playing.

Neoprene Ankle Wrap Support for Pain Relief


You deserve to feel better!

Our ankle braces help to enhance performance, reduce pain and increase blood circulation as well as offering support for ankle tendons and joints.

This item is designed to minimize the risk of injuries as well as providing support for ongoing pain.

Stretchable Ankle Support Wrap for Sprained Ankles


Get back on your feet and play again!

360 Relief Ankle Support Wrap can help you to avoid ankle injuries and ease mild to chronic pain with comfort.

Intense or repetitive strain on the Achilles tendons can cause Achilles tendonitis. Achilles rupture may occur due to a sudden increase in the stress on your Achilles' tendons. Repetitive motion and extra pressure can damage or tear the plantar fascia, causing pain and inflammation. Common symptoms a basketball player may feel are pain, bruising, and redness. In severe conditions, you may face stiffness, instability, and numbness. Whether you are suffering from mild to moderate or severe symptoms, you should not ignore them and consult your GP immediately.
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The initial symptoms can be diagnosed with a physical checkup. Your GP may perform radiological tests to examine the damage, including X-rays and MRIs. Home remedies and medications are best to treat mild to moderate symptoms. Rest, apply ice packs to the affected areas, wear compression bandages, and perform elevating exercises to reduce the symptoms. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs will help reduce the pain and inflammation around your ankles.

The extent of the injury and type of treatment will define the recovery time following an ankle injury. Grade I or II level sprain may heal within three to four weeks; however, severe or grade III level sprain can take up to six months to heal completely. Professionals suggest some preventive strategies to reduce the risk of ankle injuries in basketball. Always wear supportive shoes to support your ankles.

Before entering the court, you need to perform warm-up exercises, including single-leg balances, inverted hamstring stretches, unilateral stretches, and clock toe touches. Overuse or overdoing can hurt your ankles and lead to severe injuries. Ensure that you provide your ankle with proper rest before and after playing.

Wearing ankle supports help protect your ankles during playing and workout activities. They also help provide compressions to the affected areas to speed up the recovery process following an ankle injury. At 360 relief, you can get the best ankle supports to help with your ankle injury in basketball.

What Is the Most Common Injury In Basketball?

The most common injury in basketball is foot/ankle injury. Rolling of an ankle, awkwardly hitting in the scramble, and accidentally getting stepped up are the common causes of ankle injury in basketball.

Are Ankle Braces Good For Basketball?

Yes, ankle braces are helpful for basketball. Ankle brace does not only help prevent the initial injuries but also helps reduce the recurrence of ankle injuries.

How to Prevent Ankle Injury In Basketball?

Basketball players can prevent injury by wearing proper athletic shoes. An ankle brace is also a great way for players to support the ankle joints and avoid a sprained ankle.

How Long Should I Wear Ankle Braces For Basketball Injury?

If you wear an ankle brace to treat an ankle injury, you should wear the brace for up to six weeks. Although, if you want to wear it to protect the ankle, you must wear it while playing basketball.

When Can I Return To The Basketball Court After Injury?

You should not return to your sports or basketball court until all the symptoms, including pain, swelling, and stainless will improve at all. Keep in mind that proper rest helps speed up the recovery process.

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