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Football is an exciting game played throughout the world. It is a game of stamina that keeps you physically and mentally active, but injuries are common. Ankle injury is most common, including lateral ligament injury, osteochondral lesions, ankle impingement, plantar fasciitis, tendoachilles tendinopathy, and ankle fracture. Lateral ligament injury occurs when your foot is rolled inward due to a sudden change in direction. An ankle sprain can damage the ankle joints’ cartilage, resulting in osteochondral lesions.

Adjustable & Breathable Neoprene Ankle Brace for Weak Ankles


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360 Relief Adjustable Ankle Brace is effective to ease pain, swelling and can help manage symptoms of your unstable ankle.

Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Support Brace to Prevent Ankle Pain & Injuries


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360 Relief Ankle Support Brace can help in lowering discomfort and speeding up the healing process by offering complete support and protection.

Ankle Stabilizer Brace Support for Injury Protection and Pain Relief


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360 Relief Ankle Stabilizer Brace can help support your weak ankles, reduce swelling and pain by restricting the unusual movements of the ankle.

Ankle Support Brace with Cushions for Support & Protection


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360 Relief Ankle Support Brace can help support your ankle and relieve pain and discomfort while working or playing.

Neoprene Ankle Wrap Support for Pain Relief


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Our ankle braces help to enhance performance, reduce pain and increase blood circulation as well as offering support for ankle tendons and joints.

This item is designed to minimize the risk of injuries as well as providing support for ongoing pain.

Stretchable Ankle Support Wrap for Sprained Ankles


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360 Relief Ankle Support Wrap can help you to avoid ankle injuries and ease mild to chronic pain with comfort.

Inflamed or chronically damaged soft tissues can cause ankle impingement. Overuse or repetitive strain injury can cause plantar fasciitis or tendoachilles tendinopathy. A direct blow or falling may result in an ankle fracture. Symptoms include pain, stiffness, locking or catching sensation, weakness, numbness, and instability in your ankle joints. See your GP, who will do a physical checkup to diagnose the symptoms. Some severe conditions may require imaging tests.
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For mild to moderate symptoms, doctors suggest home remedies and medications. The best home remedies are rest, ice massage, compression bandages, and elevating exercises. Over-the-counter medicines help relieve pain and inflammation. You can recover from mild to moderate symptoms within a month. Severe conditions, such as fractures, may take several months to heal completely.

Whether your symptoms are mild or chronic, your GP may suggest you wear ankle supports or braces to control the damage. Ankle supports limit certain motions, such as plantar inversion or flexion, helping control the injury. They also allow your ankle to be positioned correctly. Ankle compression supports help provide maximum compression to the affected areas to speed up the recovery process following an ankle injury.

You can also wear ankle supports during sports or workouts to protect against bumps and blows. Besides wearing ankle supports, you should also follow preventive measures to prevent injuries. Warm-up exercises before playing, cooling down when the match is finished, and wearing proper equipment, especially athletic footwear.

Ask your professional trainer or healthcare advisor to buy suitable ankle supports for you. At 360 relief, you can find a variety of ankle supports to help with football ankle injuries.

How Does Ankle Impingement Occur?

Ankle impingement occurs when either bony or soft tissues are crushed with the ankle joints at the high end of a motion, such as abruptly pointing the foot downward. It is the most common injury in athletes, especially football players.

Can I Play Football With Ankle Impingement?

It may take a longer time for the pain to go away. However, it does not impact the ability to perform sport-specific activities. If you experience high symptoms, including ankle disability, decreased range of motion, and tenderness, then you should avoid playing and start the treatment as soon as possible.

How Long Does Ankle Impingement Take To Heal?

The recovery process of ankle impingement may vary according to the severity of the injury. Typically, it takes about four to six weeks for athletes to go back to their normal activities. However, in severe cases, the recovery time may be longer.

How To Treat Ankle Impingement?

Physical therapy is the best solution to treat ankle impingement. However, wearing ankle supports also help speed up the recovery process.

How To Prevent Ankle Injuries In Football?

The given precautions will help prevent ankle injuries in football:

  • Warmed-up before playing football
  • Wear proper athletic shoes
  • Avoid running on the uneven surfaces
  • Wear ankle supports to protect ankle joints
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