An ankle ligament injury occurs when an ankle rolls or twists inwards. Ankle ligament injury divides into two groups, i.e. a low-intensity tear or a high-intensity tear. Low-intensity tear happens when ligaments are twisted; however, high-intensity tear injury refers to the complete tearing of the ligaments in the ankle joints. Ankle ligament rupture or tear is the most common injury in sports. Football, tennis, basketball, and volleyball, or accidental conditions, can cause ankle ligament injuries.

The initial signs of ligament injuries are severe pain, swelling, and bruising. Ankle ligament injury typically results in shooting pain. You may feel cracking or crushing sounds in the ankle joints. You may not be able to put full weight on foot in severe conditions, and instability may arise. If you feel such symptoms during a game or after an accident, avoid all physical activities to control further damage and consult your GP immediately.
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Your GP will perform a physical check-up. If he is not satisfied, he will request further CT scans and MRI tests. These tests help determine the extent and type of the injury and suggest the best treatment plan for you. If the symptoms are mild, some conservative measures can reduce them quickly.

Rest, ice massage, compressions, and elevating the affected areas are the most effective measures to lessen the mild symptoms. When these symptoms do not respond to home remedies, your GP may suggest surgery, although it is rare in ankle ligament injury.

Usually, ankle ligament injury heals within three weeks after starting treatment. Some severe conditions or surgical treatments may take longer to heal. If you are an athlete involved in high-intensity sports regularly, you should take some preventive measures to reduce the chances of injuries.

Experts suggest warming up your body before playing. Moreover, wearing proper athletic shoes, following the right techniques, and avoiding playing or running on uneven surfaces help prevent ankle ligament injuries. Ankle braces help support your ankle during playing or running. They also help speed up the recovery process from an ankle ligament injury.

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How would I know if my ankle injury is serious?

Those who actively participate in sports like athletics or runners are more prone to ankle injuries. People who have a severe injury might feel extreme bruising or swelling and the inability to bear weight on their feet, should seek medical attention.

What are common ankle injuries?

The common ankle injuries are ankle fractures and ankle sprain. A fracture is a broken bone of your ankle. And the sprain describes damage or overstretch of the ankle’s muscles.

Can I walk with an injured ankle?

Ankle injuries commonly occur due to sports. However, it would be best to not walk with an injured ankle because the tissue needs time to heal. Walking too soon could make the injury worse and lead to permanent damage.

How long does ankle injuries take to heal?

If you have a mild ankle injury, it will heal in a few weeks. On the other hand, if your injury is severe, you should take proper rest and use braces and supports. Ankle Supports can help to promote blood circulation which can help recover from injury faster.

Can ankle injury get worse if left untreated?

If your symptoms persist for more than a week without improving. And if they appear to be getting worse and are accompanied by acute pain, swelling, and inflammation. Then it’s better to see a health care provider for its betterment and faster recovery.

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