A sprain in the ankle occurs when you twist, roll, or awkwardly turn your ankle. Twisting or rolling can stretch or tear the ligaments, tough bands of tissues that help hold your ankle bones together. High-intensity physical activities and accidents may cause you to twist your ankles, resulting in ankle sprains. An ankle sprain may produce swelling, bruising, tenderness, and weakness around the ankle, and you won’t be able to put weight on your foot.

In some conditions, you may also experience skin discolouration and stiffness. Once the symptoms appear, see your GP. He will likely use two methods to diagnose the ankle sprains, i.e. a physical check-up and machine tests. During a physical check-up, your GP will ask about your medical history and rotate your ankle to see the extent of pain, helping treat the injury. Sometimes a physical check-up is not enough, in which case he will request an X-ray or MRI scan. Typical ankle sprains may heal through some conservative measures. Plenty of rest without putting weight on the affected area effectively prevents further damages.
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Some practical remedies are taking anti-inflammatory medications, wearing compression braces, and elevating the foot. Arthroscopy and reconstruction are surgical treatments for severe cases.

The healing process may depend upon the severity of the injury. Usually, an ankle sprain may heal within one to three weeks if appropriately treated. A chronic sprain may take a long time to heal. Experts and trainers suggest some preventive measures that are helpful to avoid ankle sprains during sports and other physical activities.

Perform strengthening exercises before playing sports involved in ankle activities. Ensure that you wear sturdy and suitable footwear during sports. Women who have developed or have a suspected ankle sprain are advised to stop wearing high heels to prevent the disease.

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What helps to heal a sprained faster?
  1. Proper rest and care
  2. Wearing supports and braces
  3. Apply ice for swelling
  4. Avoid too much walking
Can I dip my sprained ankle in hot water?

Even with severe ankle sprains, swelling will go down on its own within two weeks of the injury. If you experience substantial swelling after this, you should see a doctor about an ankle injury to prevent long-term damage.

Can a sprained ankle get worse?

If you have taken all first aid precautions and still don’t see any improvement, then you should do physiotherapy and use ankle supports to limit its movement. Also consult with a doctor to avoid permanent damage.

Is it ok to run with a sprained ankle?

It’s not a good idea to run while having an ankle injury, especially for athletes and runners. It will make the injury worse. It’s better to use braces or crutches to avoid putting weight on your injured ankle.

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