Anti-embolism socks are a type of compression socks typically worn by patients who suffer from circulatory disorders and are restricted to bed rest. They work as compression socks, and they have tight fabric sleeves that stimulate blood flow and prevent clot formation.

They are designed to maintain a patient's average blood flow response rather than treating existing circulatory issues. If recovery takes longer than expected, the patient will stay in bed for extended periods and is therefore at risk of developing blood clots or DVT in his legs and feet due to the lack of movement and activity. Doctors may advise wearing these socks as a preventive step for those at higher risk of blood clotting.
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Anti-embolism and compression socks are used in different circumstances. Compression stockings are preferable for people with more mobility, whereas anti-embolism socks are best for people who are confined to bed rest after surgery.

They come in different sizes, the most common being knee-high and thigh-high. Knee-high stockings are less restrictive; on the other hand, thigh-high anti-embolism socks offer compression through your leg.

At 360 Relief, you can find a variety of anti-embolism or compression socks to avoid blood clotting and swelling. They are made using high 3D knitting techniques that can help you treat circulatory issues and improve blood circulation.

They are available in various colours, sizes, and lengths to help you choose according to your needs. We advise you to take help from your healthcare professionals to choose the anti-embolism socks according to your needs. Remember that the wrong product will not be effective at all and may make you feel other problems.

What Are Anti-Embolism Socks?

Anti-embolism socks are specifically designed to reduce clot formation in your legs. They are made of firm elastic which gently squeezes your feet and legs to increase the blood flow in your veins.

What Is The Difference Between Compression Socks And Anti-Embolism Socks?

Both compression socks and anti-embolism socks help reduce the chances of blood clot formation and treat the pain and swelling in the legs. However, the significant difference between them is the medical reason for wearing them and the compression level.

Who Should Wear Anti-Embolism Socks?

People diagnosed with or are suspected of having deep vein thrombosis, DVT, a condition of blood clot formation in the legs vein, are advised to wear anti-embolism socks. However, experts also suggest wearing anti-embolism socks with some other conditions, including heavy legs, swollen ankles, and leg cramps.

Who Should Avoid Wearing Anti-Embolism Socks?

People who suffer from and are suspected of suffering from peripheral arterial disease should avoid wearing anti-embolism socks. Peripheral arterial disease, PAD, is a condition in the lower extremities such as legs in which the vessels (that carry blood from the heart to the legs) get blocked or narrowed.

With What Compression Level Should I Wear Anti-Embolism Socks?

Anti-Embolism compression socks help reduce the chances of blood clot formation in people unable to leave the bed. Standard anti-embolism socks apply graduate pressure ranges from 8 to 18 mmHg. However, you should consult your GP to choose anti-embolism compression socks according to your needs.

Copper Compression Socks

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They were delivered very quickly and they worked like a dream. They helped with the swelling and helped with supporting my fingers.

Elizabeth Richard April 14, 2021
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