A bicep tendon can rip or tear when you twist your arm in an awkward position or when you fall and land on your arm. These situations put extra strain on the tendon, increasing the chances of damage or tears. Bicep tendon tears can occur in both the shoulder and the elbow because they are connected on both sides.

When the bicep tendons are overworked or pulled due to repetitive motions, they are at risk to get torn, and you might lose arm strength and experience arm discomfort. The main symptom is sudden acute pain in the upper part of your arm or near the elbow. Bruising occurs near the elbow or shoulder.
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In addition, you may have trouble moving or rotating your arm and struggle to carry heavy objects. The tendon might start fraying in several areas, and it may completely tear as the injury worsens. The result is usually a loss of function in the arm and pain and swelling.

People who have a torn tendon can sometimes continue normal activities. The biceps muscle takes nearly 3 to 4 months to recover. If you rest and don’t use your injured arm, you should be able to do daily tasks after 2 to 3 weeks. However, if there is no improvement after a few weeks of home remedies, go to your doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

They will examine your arm after taking a thorough medical history, observe any abnormalities or symptoms of bruising, and check if there is a gap in your elbow and shoulder. An MRI scan may be required to determine whether the tear is partial or complete. Biceps tendon tears are treated with both non-surgical and surgical procedures depending on the severity of the injury.

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Can a torn bicep tendon heal on its own?

Unfortunately, once a bicep is torn, it will not be possible to rejoin the bone and mend on its own. However, whether it was a partial or complete tear, you have several treatment options like physiotherapy and wearing braces and supports that can help with the healing process.

Can I move my arm with a torn bicep?

When your bicep tendon near the elbow is torn, your other arm muscles adjust, allowing you to maintain complete joint mobility. If the tendon is not healed, your arm will most certainly lose control and strength.

What are the symptoms of torn bicep tendon?
  1. Acute pain in the arm
  2. Swelling
  3. Bruising
  4. Weakness
  5. Difficulty in arm movement
When does a torn bicep recover completely?

The recovery duration depends entirely on the severity of the bicep tendon injury and the treatment. Even minor injuries might take up to two months to recover. Returning to normal activities and sports can take a minimum of four to five months to heal completely.

Should I wear an arm brace for torn biceps?

Arm braces are made to provide support and compression to your arm. It’s perfect for reducing upper arm instability while keeping them secure from long-term damage.

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