Arm fractures usually result from high force or stress in the bones while playing or working. It can damage from one to several bones in the forearm, middle arm, or upper arm. Direct impact on the forearm often causes severe injury in this situation. Fracturing or breaking your arm above the elbow can occur due to a high-impact fall or vehicle accident.

Injuries caused by overuse of the muscles or some chronic conditions can cause fractures in the bones of the arm. It can also be caused by disorders of the bones, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, or bone cancer. Arm fractures are common among teenagers due to sports activities, but these are frequently caused by osteoporosis in older people.
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A fractured arm takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal in most cases, but if your arm is severely broken, it may take longer. It would help to wrap your arm in a plaster cast until the damaged bone heals completely. Physiotherapy may be necessary to regain strength while recovering.

Symptoms of a fracture are severe pain, visible swelling, tenderness, and bruising in the affected area. You will have difficulty moving your arm and trouble carrying heavy or large objects. There is a risk of infection if the injury has deep wounds.

A broken arm is tough to manage because it can make even the most basic actions difficult. It can prevent athletes or sports players from performing everyday sports activities. It can have a major impact on athletic life because it takes time to recover and requires protection from further injury in the form of a cast or brace.

You must take care of your arms if you want to keep them protected and pain-free. Wearing a high-quality arm brace can also help support the arm and prevent further injuries.

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What are the different types of arm fracture?

Here are some types that mention below:

  1. Greenstick fracture
  2. Growth plate fracture
  3. Galeazzi fracture
  4. Monteggia fracture
  5. Metaphyseal fracture
  6. Torus fracture
Can I move my arm after a fracture?

You cannot move your arm in a full range of motion once it’s broken. You should do physiotherapy and wear an arm brace to support your arm and to limit the movement. It might help you to restore strength and recover from injury faster.

Should I use a cast for a hairline fracture in my arm?

You don’t need a cast for a hairline fracture in your arm. Though, your doctor may advise you to wear a brace to keep your arm completely immobile. It would help if you also rested your arm to relieve pain and apply ice to reduce swelling.

How much time does a fractured arm take to heal?

A fractured arm can take up to 3 months to heal entirely. Some of your movements may be restricted during this time. It’s possible that lifting and pulling activities are restricted. However, it would require a minimum of one to two years to regain the full strength of your arm.

Can arm fracture heal on its own?

Arm fractures can heal on their own only if it’s a hairline fracture or bones stay in the proper position to recover. It could take months, depending on the severity of your injury. Otherwise, those who are active in sports or work regularly will require medical assistance to recover effectively.

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