Arm nerve problems, such as pinched nerves, may happen when you put too much pressure against a nerve in the arm. A pinched nerve may occur almost anywhere in your body, but it mainly occurs in the arm. Arm pinched nerve may result in a pins and needles tingling sensation. Other common symptoms are burning, numbness, pain, and loss of feeling around the damaged area.

In some severe conditions, you may also feel muscle weakness and loss of movement. A fracture in the upper arm's humerus bone can cause arm nerve problems. Other common causes include sleeping on the arm awkwardly, misusing crutches, and direct falling or trauma. Your GP begins the initial evaluation or diagnosis with a thorough medical history and physical exam.
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Your doctor will check the signs of possible nerve or blood vessel damage. X-rays and MRIs are typically used to assess the extent of injuries and other abnormalities. You can treat an arm nerve problem through self-care strategies at home and medical treatment. Physical therapy, massage, and relaxation are the most effective self-care strategies that help reduce the symptoms of arm nerve problems.

Experts also suggest taking a healthy diet and doing regular exercises to speed up recovery. Taking painkillers and vitamins help reduce the pain and encourage the healing process. If the self-care strategies and medications do not respond after several months, your GP may recommend surgery to repair the damaged nerve.

If your nerve is bruised or traumatized but is not cut, it may take six to twelve weeks to recover. Repairing a nerve through surgery can take a longer time to heal. Consult your GP to know when you should start your activities. Experts suggest minimizing or avoiding repetitive or stressed movements that can cause arm nerve problems.

During an activity, frequent changes in the arm and hand positions may also help prevent arm nerve problems. Rest your arms as much as possible throughout the day, and make sure you are not putting pressure on your arm nerves while sleeping.

Arm braces help immobilize the damaged area of your arm to protect the arm nerve from further injury. They also provide compressions to the arms, speeding up the healing process. 360 relief provides you with a range of arm supports to help lessen the symptoms of arm nerve problems.

How would I know that my arm nerves are damaged?

If you:

  1. Don’t feel any sensation in your arm or hand.
  2. Feel numbness and weakness.
  3. Inability to carry or push things.
  4. Unable to move your arm to full range.
Can arm nerve damage, heal completely?

Nerve injury is not entirely reversible. However, several medications might help you manage your symptoms. Follow up the proper treatment and take appropriate rest with medication. Wearing arm support is also a good way to limit the arm’s movement and help with the healing process. By doing so, you can prevent your arm from permanent damage.

Why is the damaged nerve of my arm so painful?

Arm injury causes pain, soreness, or stiffness in the arm that extends from your shoulders to your fingers. It usually happens when bones or tissues in your shoulder or elbow stretch and compress against a nerve. That’s why you feel a lot of pain.

How long can arm nerve damage take to heal?

If your nerve has been bruised or damaged but not cut, it will heal in two to three months. But if you cut your nerve, it will grow at a rate of 1 mm every day. Some people notice a steady improvement, or some notice a slow improvement over time.

What can I do to help repair my nerve damage at home?

Regular exercise can help you manage discomfort and improve your overall health. It also improves blood flow to your arms and legs while also lowering stress levels. It’s also best to wear arm sleeves and braces to support your arm and to prevent further injury.

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