A tendon refers to a thick fibrous string that attaches muscles to bones. Inflammation or irritation in tendons is known as tendonitis. It may result in tenderness and pain just around the joints. Burning, stiffness, inability to bear weight, weakness or loss of grip are additional symptoms of arm tendonitis. Your age, high contact sports, and a stressful job or repetitive motion are risk factors contributing to arm tendonitis.

Avoid moving the arm if symptoms occur because it can cause more damage to nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues. Usually, your GP can diagnose tendonitis through a physical check-up. He may order X-rays or other imaging tests to determine the severity of the injury. The treatment mode depends upon the severity of the damage, but you can recover from tendonitis with the right medications, physical therapy, and surgical treatment, you can recover from tendonitis.
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Your GP may suggest physical therapy in the initial stages. He may also recommend taking pain relievers and corticosteroid injections to get instant relief from pain. If physical therapy and medications are not resolving symptoms after several months, your doctor may suggest surgical treatments. Your GP may follow dry needling, ultrasonic treatment, or complete surgery to repair the arm tendons.

Tendonitis often heals within two to four weeks; however, chronic conditions may take more than six months to heal. Experts suggest giving proper time to the healing process. Avoid overuse and repetitive motions during the recovery, which may delay the healing process. Some preventive measures help reduce the chances of arm tendonitis. Avoid excessive stress to avoid the risk.

It will help if you improve your techniques doing sports. Some regular exercises also help stretch and make your joints flexible to prevent injuries from stress.

Arm supports help limit the motion and compress the soft tissues, promoting healing. They also protect the arm during sports and intense physical activities. At 360 relief, you can find a variety of arm supports to help with arm tendonitis.

What happens if arm tendonitis is left untreated?

If arm tendonitis is left untreated, it may make your injury worse. When chronic tendonitis gets damaged, then it weakens your arm. You feel difficulty in carrying weight or in pulling and pushing.

How can I treat arm tendonitis?

Rest the injured area as much as possible and avoid the activity that involves constant arm movements. It will probably help in reducing pain and inflammation. Applying Ice is also a great option to relieve swelling and pain. Also, use arm sleeves and braces to prevent further arm injuries.

Should I massage my tendinitis arm?

It can aid in pain reduction and improve the healing process. Because tendinitis can take weeks to cure, massaging helps to calm and strengthen the injured tendon. It can also help to recover more quickly from an injury.

Can I apply heat to arm tendinitis?

You can apply heat after a few days, and it may be effective for severe tendonitis pain. Heat can help by improving the recovery process and increasing blood flow to an injury. It also relaxes muscles, which helps to relieve discomfort and swelling.

What kind of Food should I avoid to prevent tendinitis?

Foods that are not good for tendinitis are:

  • Processed and fried food
  • Refined sugar like dessert and sweets
  • Starch
  • High-fat meat

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