Are you tired of finding calf muscle support to provide your calf with instant relief? 360 relief offers customers a wide range of calf muscle support products. All the products are designed by experts aimed to give people instant relief from calf muscle strain pain. A muscle strain refers to an injury to a tendon or muscle. Minor injuries may only overstretch a tendon or muscle. However, significant injuries may involve partial or complete tears in the tendons or muscles.

Muscle strains result in sudden onset of pain in the calf, soreness, swelling, and stiffness. A calf muscle strain may also limit the range of movement. You may have developed calf muscle strain if you are feeling these types of symptoms. Once the injury is diagnosed, never ignore it and bring potential solutions to treat it. A calf muscle strain injury happens when the muscles are overstretched in the back of the lower leg. Quick moving, jumping, and abrupt stop in movement may cause muscle strains.
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Calf Leg Compression Sleeves

360 Relief Compression Calf Sleeves are designed to promote better blood circulation to the leg muscles and helps prevent cramps and to lessen fatigue.

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The injury most often happens when your toes get forced upwards, and calf muscles are pulled downwards quickly by the ankle. Calf muscle strain with minor symptoms or damage may take a few weeks to recover; however, severe injuries may take a few months to heal.

It does not matter whether the injury is minor or major; you have to start treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will lead to a chronic disease which can give you long-term problems. For both minor and major injuries, experts suggest wearing calf support or sleeves to get instant relief.

No doubt, calf supports or sleeves help to provide users quick relief. But, it happens when you choose the best sleeves for you. Otherwise, the injury may worsen by wearing inadequate compressions. Sleeves with moisture-wicking fabrics are highly recommended. These types of sleeves help reduce sweat and odours. They also help to insulate the skin. You must take care of the size and tightness of the compression before putting them onto calves.

We come with a variety of calf supports according to the needs of the customers. You can find the sleeves for muscle strain, muscle tear injuries, tennis leg injuries, pulled muscle injuries, and many other injuries. We advise you to take help from your healthcare advisors.

What does calf muscle strain feel like?

Calf strain generally feels like a sharp aching pain and swelling in the lower leg. There may hear a pop or feel a tearing sensation if you have severe calf pain. You have to rest your legs and avoid any activity that requires leg movement.

Can I massage my strained legs?

Massage therapy helps relax tense muscles and promotes blood flow, which aids in healing injured tissue. Applying pressure to the torn muscle helps in the removal of excess fluid. It also helps the healing process.

How can I treat strained calves?
  • Rest your calves as much as you can.
  • Apply ice packs to reduce swelling
  • Wear calf sleeves to give extra support and reduce pain.
How can I know if my calf injury is serious?
  • If you feel pain which doesn’t go away even after taking medication.
  • Feel numbness and weakness
  • Trouble moving

Unable to put weight on your legs

Can I walk with a strained calf?

You can walk with a strained calf but with pain and difficulty. Any activity that puts even a tiny amount of stress or weight on the calf is likely to hurt. Going up or downstairs stairs, moving the leg, or applying pressure to the calf area are all symptoms.

Compression Calf Support

360 Relief neoprene wrap for your calves are designed to promote better blood circulation. Its Moisture-wicking design helps to keep your skin dry, minimizing blisters and avoiding odours.

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