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The most common discomfort among cyclists is back pain, as constantly bending forward can cause cyclists to experience back injuries. Weak cores can also cause harm upon your lower back; as your muscles fatigue, back pain occurs, which could lead to serious damage. Young cyclists often have weak spines due to poor posture and injuries.

Adjustable Lower Back & Hip Support for Pain Relief


Prevent Lower Back and Hip Pain!

360 Relief Sacroiliac belt support can help to ease hip and lower back pain and provides adequate support and protection.

Adjustable Lower Back Support Belt for Spine Injury


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief Lower back belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

This item provides targeted compression.

Back Support Belt for Spine Injury Pain Relief


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief Lower back belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection. This item provides targeted compression.

Lower Back Belt Support to Relieve Back Pain and Discomfort


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief abdominal belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

Made with extra thick, latex-free Neoprene for an enhanced sweating experience. Our Waist Trimmer’s inner lining will not only absorb the moisture but will also prevent the belt from slipping

Lower Lumbar Back Support Belt for Pain Relief


Relieve back pain with support and protection!

360 relief Back Support belt is designed to provide enough support that helps prevent back pain and correct posture.

Because of this, and if you do not evenly distribute weight upon your back, you may cause overuse injury, which can lead to spinal imbalance. When this occurs, your back muscles cannot properly support the spine, and your back alignment will worsen. Although lower back pain is a common complaint, research has discovered that poor posture also affects the neck and shoulders. If you do not maintain correct posture, your muscles and joints will stop functioning at their best, and your health may quickly deteriorate. Physiotherapy and other strengthening workouts can help you adjust your posture and reduce backaches.
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Your doctor will have you take several physical checkups, such as sitting, standing, walking, and lifting your legs, to examine your back. These evaluations will help identify the source of your back discomfort, whether you can move your back without feeling pain, and if you have muscular spasms. They also aid in treating more significant causes of back pain.

Doctors may recommend wearing a back brace instead of surgery as a treatment option. Wearing one is necessary for healthy healing and protection. As a back posture corrector realigns your spine, you will experience less stress on your back whilst healing from injury.

There is a wide range of back braces available at 360 Relief. The purpose of these belts is to provide support and protection, whilst also reducing back pain at the same time.

They can help in the realignment of your spine and improve your posture. They can also aid in the relief of back stiffness, whether you’re recovering from a injury or simply experiencing back pain.

Can Cycling Hurt My Back?

Back pain is widespread among cyclists and results from different causes, including personal health issues, training history, bike fit, riding style, and what you do during cycling.

Does Cycling Help Reduce Back Pain?

Cycling can be a good option for people with existing back pain, but it can cause back pain further if not done correctly. Poor positioning in cycling can cause strain in the back.

How To Reduce Back Pain In Cycling?

By following the given preventive measures, you can reduce back pain to have a safe cycling experience:

  • Check your position. You can take help from trainers for a good posture
  • Increase your mileage slowly
  • Improve your mobility while cycling
  • Wear Back Support
How Does Back Support Help In Cycling?

Back supports help muscles relax and keep them from going into painful spasms. A back brace may also help reduce the range of motion, twisting, and limiting bending that can cause damage in the lower back while cycling.

How Do I Know If Cycling Hurt My Back?

Cycling is one of the common sports that cause pain in the back, significantly lower back pain. If you are experiencing muscle aching to shooting, stabbing or burning sensation, you may have developed back pain. Consult your GP and start treating the symptoms to avoid chronic injury.

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