Elbow arthritis results from worn or damaged cartilage in the elbow. Overuse and repetitive activities can cause elbow arthritis. Arthritis can also result from an elbow injury, such as dislocation or fracture. Athletes are usually involved in high-intensity sports, which require repetitive motion. If you have developed elbow arthritis, you may feel pain around your elbow, popping and cracking sensations at the elbow joint, stiffness, a decrease of motion, tenderness and redness in the elbow joints, and swelling around the elbow.

If you experience any of these symptoms due to an accident or intense sports, consult your GP immediately to diagnose the disease, which will help start the proper treatment. Your GP or healthcare advisor will get your medical history and take a physical checkup to diagnose the elbow arthritis. They evaluate the pain to diagnose the disease. Sometimes a physical checkup does not work to identify the severe damage, in which case, doctors order some tests. X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound, and CT scans help determine if it is arthritis. Once a diagnosis has been given, you should start treating the disease immediately.
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Your doctor may suggest some nonsurgical treatments to reduce the symptoms. These treatments may include activity modification, corticosteroid injections, ice massage to the inflamed areas, and anti-inflammatory medications. In severe cases, your GP may recommend surgery.

There is no sure way to prevent elbow arthritis. But, you can reduce the risk of injuries by avoiding repetitive movements or overuse in sports or any other activity. Wearing elbow supports or braces also help to reduce the chances of injuries. They also help shift the weight off from the damaged areas of the joints, helping reduce pain and discomfort.

Elbow supports or sleeves apply pressure to the muscles below the elbow. The purpose of wearing a support is to reduce the pain and increase the ability to freely move the arm or elbow.

The best way to wear elbow braces or sleeves is to keep them snug and comfortable. 360 relief provides you with a variety of elbow supports to choose from according to your needs.

What is the treatment for arthritis in the elbow?
  1. Do physiotherapy or mild exercises.
  2. Apply hot and cold packs for swelling.
  3. Wear compression sleeves to give extra support.
Can I do exercise with arthritis in my elbow?

One of the great ways to help with the pain when having elbow arthritis is mild exercise. For example, Physical therapy exercises can aid to reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis of the elbow. Some can be done in a professional clinic, and some can be done in your own home.

Is elbow arthritis common?

Arthritis usually affects the hands and feet, although it can also affect the elbows. It is common, especially in athletes and in older age. It usually affects both sides of your elbow’s joints.

What foods should be eaten while suffering from elbow arthritis?

Some foods that are great to eat while suffering from arthritis are:

  • Fruits especially berries
  • Dry nuts
  • Seeds and beans
  • Fish
  • Milk to strengthen bones
What does arthritis in the elbow feel like?

Everyone with arthritis has different symptoms. Some symptoms may be more severe or appear more frequently than others. The following are the most common symptoms:

  • Severe pain
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Joint locking
  • Joint instability

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