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No matter how much training and preparation you have done, there is still a chance of injury in boxing. A boxer needs to move in several directions quickly and attack his opponent continuously. These actions make boxers susceptible to injury, especially in their elbows. Hyperextended elbow, anterior elbow impingement, posterior elbow impingement, and elbow fractures are common elbow injuries in boxers. Hyperextended elbow occurs when the elbow joint bends backwards more than its normal strength.

Adjustable Elbow Support Brace to Prevent Tennis Elbow


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360 Relief Tennis Elbow Support Brace can help relieve acute pain and discomfort while reducing the symptoms of tennis elbow.

Adjustable Tennis Elbow Strap to Prevent Tennis Elbow & Pain


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360 Relief Tennis Elbow Strap can be helpful in the treatment and recovery of tennis elbow. It can help prevent recurrence and ease pain by providing support.

Compression Elbow Support Sleeve for Tennis Elbow


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360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Compression Elbow Support Sleeve for Tennis Elbow Pain Relief


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Elbow Compression Sleeve With Strap for Tennis & Golf


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Elbow Compression Wrap Support for Muscle Pain, Sprain & Sports Injury


360 Relief compression wrap Bandage provides a combination of comfort and protection. Reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. It helps to boost blood circulation and accelerate recovery.

Tennis & Golf Elbow Strap Support to Prevent Elbow Injuries and Pain


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360 Relief Tennis Elbow Strap can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort while also preventing additional damage.

Anterior elbow impingement may happen during close-quarters fighting or when pushing off from a clinch. Repeated elbow extension can cause posterior elbow impingement, leading to the development of bone spurs. A direct attack or falling on the elbow joint can cause elbow fractures. Common symptoms of elbow injuries from boxing may include intense pain, swelling, stiffness, deformity, numbness, and weakness to joints and muscles. Severe injuries can damage the surrounding muscles ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.
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If you feel pain after an injury, you should not ignore it, no matter how slight. Visit your GP, who can give you a diagnosis by performing a physical checkup or refer you for radiological tests to determine the damage. Home remedies or the RICE method (rest, ice massage, compressions, and elevating the injured areas) is the best cure to treat the symptoms initially. Your GP may also suggest over-the-counter and anti-inflammatory medicines for pain relief.

Wearing elbow braces and sleeves help protect your elbow during boxing. They also help keep the joints aligned or compressed to speed up the recovery process following an elbow injury. Bracing applies gentle pressure to the muscles below the elbow. Its primary function is to reduce pain and increase your ability to freely move your elbow and arm. To get maximum results, make sure that you wear quality braces and wear them only when you need them.

Besides this, some preventive measures also keep you safe during boxing. Always warm-up before entering the boxing ring and wear proper gear to get an injury-free boxing experience. Take the time to learn the correct punching techniques to avoid injuries.

Ask your GP about the best elbow braces for you and follow his instructions when wearing them. 360 relief provides you with the best elbow supports to help with a boxing elbow injury.

How Can Boxing Hurt My Elbow?

Missing the target or opponent can cause hyperextension during boxing, which results in elbow injures. Hyperextension and other problems such as overlocking may result in the elbow’s posterior impingement, which may require surgery to recover.

Is It Safe To Wear Elbow Support in Boxing?

An elbow brace helps immobilize or limit the range of motion during boxing. When you miss a target, braces may help avoid hyperextension to avoid elbow injuries, such as boxers’ elbow.

How Can I Treat Boxers' Elbow?

A mild boxers’ elbow or hyperextended elbow can heal through some conservative measures inducing proper rest, applying ice therapy, wearing elbow braces, and taking pain relief medications. However, severe boxers’ elbow may require surgery.

How Much Time Does Boxers' Elbow Take To Heal?

Usually, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to heal the elbow injury, such as boxers’ elbow. However, if you suspect that you have developed a hyperextended elbow, consult your GP immediately. Delaying the treatment may worsen the case.

How To Prevent Elbow Injury In Boxing?

Consider the following things during boxing to avoid elbow injuries:

  • Warm-up your body before playing
  • Use proper form and technique
  • Avoid missing the target while attacking
  • Avoid falling during a match
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