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In many instances, frequent overhand throwing can cause high stress on the elbow. For example, in baseball, throwing athletes such as pitchers repeatedly put extreme pressure on their elbows, which can cause serious overuse injuries. These injuries can happen to any baseball player, but are most common in pitchers. The most common elbow injuries in baseball include flexor tendinitis, ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injury, valgus extension overload (VEO) injury, ulnar neuritis, and stress fractures. Flexor tendinitis is the inflammation of the flexor tendons, due to strenuous activity and repetitive strain.

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360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

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Wear and tear ligaments in the elbow and overuse activity can cause UCL, ranging from complete tear to less severe damage, such as inflammation. Valgus extension overload, also known as throwers arm, is an overuse elbow injury, resulting in bone spurs development and deterioration. Ulnar neuritis can be caused by direct pressure on the nerve. Extreme pressure on the elbow during intense sports and direct falling can cause an elbow stress fracture.
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Common symptoms of an elbow injury include extreme pain, swelling, a tingling sensation around the elbow area, numbness, muscle and joint weakness, and a decrease in range of motion. It is advisable to leave the field if you experience any of these symptoms, as they may worsen over time if left untreated. As well as this, chronic conditions may take longer to heal and will therefore keep you away from the field for an even longer time.

Your GP will diagnose your symptoms through physical checkups or imaging tests. Initial treatment of an elbow injury may involve home remedies such as the RICE method; take rest, apply ice packs to the vulnerable areas, wear compression bandages, and elevate the injured areas several times a day. Over-the-counter medications and anti-inflammatory drugs can also quicken the healing process, however, elbow fractures and joint dislocation may require surgery.

The length of the recovery process of an elbow injury from baseball depends upon the severity of it; mild injuries may only take a few weeks to heal, whereas more severe injuries may take up to several months. Your trainer or healthcare provider will suggest preventive measures to avoid recurring injury, however, you should also make sure to respect the pitch counts, rest for the recommended days after each session, and never forget to warm up your body before playing. Wear proper equipment, such as elbow braces, which will help reduce stress on your elbow from repetitive overhand movements.

Wearing an elbow brace will help protect and support your elbow, as well as avoid injury in the future. 360 Relief provides you with the best elbow supports to help with injuries from baseball, improving your physical health and wellbeing.

How Do I Know If Baseball Hurts My Elbow?

The following symptoms, during or after baseball, point towards elbow injuries:

  • Pain on the medial part of the elbow
  • Tenderness in the elbow
  • Swelling around the elbow
  • Restricted range of motion
What Is Pitchers’ Elbow?

Pitchers’ elbow, also known as Little League Elbow, is an elbow injury resulting from the excessive throwing motions used in sports, especially baseball.

How Can I Treat a Pitcher's Elbow?

The following conservative measures can help reduce the symptoms of pitchers’ elbow and other injuries resulting from baseball:

  • Take rest
  • Ice massage on the affected areas
  • Wearing compression sleeves
  • Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
Can Wearing Elbow Sleeves Help In Baseball?

Elbow braces or sleeves help reduce the swelling, inflammation, and pain, which results from the repetitive throw and hitting motions you need to do in baseball. They also improve blood flow which helps speed up the recovery process more efficiently.

How To Choose The Best Elbow Sleeves?

Make sure that elbow compression sleeves are snug and comfortable. It can limit circulation if it is too tight; however, loose-fitting elbow braces or sleeves cannot perform the job well. Sufficient support, injury prevention, and moving your elbow with comfort is the end goal of the elbow brace or sleeve.

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