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Tennis is a sport that involves repetitive elbow movements, as you swing and pass the ball towards your opponent. This action can cause serious injuries to tennis players, the most common being tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is an overuse and muscle strain injury caused by repeated contraction of the forearm muscles, used to raise and strengthen the hands and wrists. Stress and repeated motions to the tissues can cause a series of tiny tears in the tendons that connect the bony prominence to the forearm muscles outside the elbow

Adjustable Elbow Support Brace to Prevent Tennis Elbow


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360 Relief Tennis Elbow Support Brace can help relieve acute pain and discomfort while reducing the symptoms of tennis elbow.

Adjustable Tennis Elbow Strap to Prevent Tennis Elbow & Pain


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360 Relief Tennis Elbow Strap can be helpful in the treatment and recovery of tennis elbow. It can help prevent recurrence and ease pain by providing support.

Compression Elbow Support Sleeve for Tennis Elbow


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Compression Elbow Support Sleeve for Tennis Elbow Pain Relief


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Elbow Compression Sleeve With Strap for Tennis & Golf


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Elbow Compression Wrap Support for Muscle Pain, Sprain & Sports Injury


360 Relief compression wrap Bandage provides a combination of comfort and protection. Reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. It helps to boost blood circulation and accelerate recovery.

Tennis & Golf Elbow Strap Support to Prevent Elbow Injuries and Pain


Wrap Our Strap and Feel Free to Play!

360 Relief Tennis Elbow Strap can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort while also preventing additional damage.

Any player between 30 and 50 years old may be at risk of tennis elbow. As well as this, poor swinging techniques and direct falling may also lead to elbow injuries and soreness. Tennis elbow may result in pain that can travel down the forearm, especially when lifting or bending the injured arm. You may also feel pain when twisting your arm, or gripping an object. Severe conditions may even result in numbness, stiffness, instability and weakness around the muscles and joints of the arm. If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to stop playing tennis and consult your GP immediately for a diagnosis, as when left untreated, symptoms may worsen and keep you away from the tennis court for an even longer time.
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Physical check-ups and radiological tests, including X-rays and MRIs, will help your GP determine the extent of the damage. You can recover from the initial or mild symptoms on your own by following some effective home remedies, such as the RICE method: take plenty of rest, use ice packs often, apply compression to the pain, and keep the damaged limb elevated. You can also take over-the-counter medications and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Surgery may be required when the elbow joint is dislocated or fractured and cannot heal through conservative measures. The time it takes for your injury to heal depends on the extent of the damage; mild symptoms of tennis elbow may take several weeks to heal, whereas a fracture can take up to several months.

Your professional trainer and healthcare provider will suggest some effective measures to avoid the risk of tennis elbow. It is essential to warm up your body before playing and cool down when the session is over. Strengthening exercises will also help keep your elbow flexible, preventing stress and traumatic conditions. Using lightweight tools, such as rackets and braces, also help reduce strain on the tendons.

Wearing an elbow brace will protect and support your elbow from unnecessary motion and provide the needed compression to speed up the healing process following an elbow injury. 360 Relief provides you with the best elbow supports to help with elbow injuries from tennis.

What Causes Elbow Injuries In Tennis?

Straightening the wrists and overusing the muscles in tennis can cause elbow injuries, such as tennis elbow (a condition that causes pain around or outside the elbow).

Can I Wear Elbow Braces While Playing Tennis?

Wearing elbow braces while playing tennis may reduce the chances of elbow injuries, promoting performance. A tennis player exerts pressure on the elbow to pass the ball, resulting in stress and pain. Elbow braces help stabilize the elbow and maintain posture.

How To Choose The Best Tennis Elbow Brace?

The primary thing to consider while choosing an elbow brace is the support level. Moreover, materials used to design the elbow braces and sizing also matter. Take the help of your trainer and healthcare professional to choose the right braces for you.

How To Prevent Elbow Injuries In Tennis?

Follow the given preventive measures to avoid elbow injuries in tennis:

  • Warm-up your body properly
  • Stretch your arm muscles
  • Wear elbow braces and other necessary gear
  • Learn all the techniques of passing the tennis ball
Do Elbow Braces Give Any Side Effects?

Elbow braces provide support to the elbow during practice and playing. They also reduce the chances of injury. But, overuse of elbow braces and inappropriate fitting can cause irritations and other skin problems.

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