An elbow sprain occurs due to overstretching and tear in the ligaments. Excessive elbow activities, such as repeated lifting, a direct blow to the elbow, or sudden twisting or motion of the elbow, may cause elbow sprain. An elbow sprain may result in pain in the elbow even in the resting position, swelling around the elbow, redness, burning sensation, difficulty moving the elbow, or a limited range of motion. You may also feel a popping sound when moving your elbow.

If you feel such symptoms after falling or intense physical activities, consult your doctor immediately to diagnose the symptoms. Athletes or sportspersons should avoid further playing because ignoring the symptoms may lead to chronic illness. A diagnosis can be made with a physical check-up and some tests. Your GP will check your medical history and test the intensity of pain to diagnose the nature of the damage. If the doctor is not satisfied with the physical check-up, they may recommend further tests, such as MRI and X-ray, to help determine the severity of the injury. Doctors may suggest some home remedies in the initial stages. Some effective measures are resting the elbow, ice massaging, compression to the affected areas, and elevating the elbow.
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A mild elbow sprain takes at least two weeks to feel better. It will help if you avoid strenuous activities such as lifting for at least eight weeks to prevent further damages. It is worth noting that severe sprains may take months to get back to normal.

Usually, an elbow sprain does not require surgery. It is indicated only in the case of the torn ligament and some other severe conditions. People, especially athletes involved in high-intensity sports, should take some suggested precautionary measures to prevent injuries.

Stretching and warm-ups before sports are helpful, and also performing all the sporting techniques accurately during sports, such as golf and tennis, will reduce your risk of injury.

Wearing an elbow brace may help prevent injuries, reduce pain, provide protection, limit motion, and speed up the recovery process following injuries, such as an elbow sprain. At 360 relief, you can get a range of elbow supports to treat sprains and other elbow injuries.

Should I go to the doctor for a sprained elbow?

If your condition is not severe, you can do first aid at home by wearing elbow supports and taking an anti-inflammatory. If you are continuously feeling pain and see that there is swelling around your elbow, then it’s good to see a doctor.

Can I straighten my elbow after a strain?

A strain is the overstretching or tearing of the muscle. Minor sprains usually heal on their own with time and rest; it hardly ever needs surgery. But if you can’t straighten or bend your elbow properly, you should see a doctor once to prevent a severe one.

How can I tell that I have an elbow sprain?

There are some common symptoms are:

  1. Chronic pain
  2. Swelling
  3. Redness
  4. Tenderness
  5. Instability in the elbow
  6. Hard to move the elbow in all directions.
How can I sleep with a sprained elbow?

Keep your arm above your heart when you’re resting or sleeping. Place your arm on a pillow that is on your chest or a pillow at your side to do this. It is crucial in the first 48 hours following an injury. Ice packs and supports also help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Should I wear an elbow brace to help with a sprain?

You can wear elbow support and brace throughout the day, especially during work or other activities. You can also wear it for a couple of weeks if you notice improvements. Plus applying cold packs is also a good way to heal the injury.

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