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Whenever you step onto the playing field, you are at a risk of suffering from some sort of injury and back injuries are no exception. Lower back sprains or strains are common injuries, causing pain and instability in your lower back. Fractures and other injuries to the spine’s supporting structure are severe conditions resulting from high contact sports, including volleyball, gymnastics, diving, cheerleading, and more. Studies have shown that acute back injuries from sports may resolve themselves, usually in a few months.

Adjustable Back Support/Brace for Lumbar Support & Posture Corrector


Improve your Posture anytime, anywhere!

Is slouching causing you to suffer from constant aches and pains?

A less expensive, more effective way of dealing with this is the use of the 360 Relief Posture Corrector.

Adjustable Lower Back & Hip Support for Pain Relief


Prevent Lower Back and Hip Pain!

360 Relief Sacroiliac belt support can help to ease hip and lower back pain and provides adequate support and protection.

Adjustable Lower Back Support Belt for Spine Injury


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief Lower back belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

This item provides targeted compression.

Lower Back Belt Support to Relieve Back Pain and Discomfort


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief abdominal belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

Made with extra thick, latex-free Neoprene for an enhanced sweating experience. Our Waist Trimmer’s inner lining will not only absorb the moisture but will also prevent the belt from slipping

Lower Lumbar Back Support Belt for Pain Relief


Relieve back pain with support and protection!

360 relief Back Support belt is designed to provide enough support that helps prevent back pain and correct posture.

Conservative measures or home remedies including rest, ice massage, compressions, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs help to reduce the pain and other mild symptoms. However, some severe conditions may require an inspection from a doctor and may take longer to heal. Wearing fitness back supports keeps you fit during or after sports and other workout activities. They actually help improve your posture by retaining your upper back muscles or spine in a neutral position.
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They also help to minimize the body load on the lower back and spine, allowing even distribution of weight to reduce the chances of back injuries. Whilst undertaking any exercise, it is helpful to wear back fitness supports. A poor posture increases your chances of a bank injury, however, with the help of a fitness back support, the risk is reduced.

You can wear fitness back supports all day when your healthcare advisors suggest doing so. Otherwise, overuse of fitness back support can cause instability and weakness around your spinal discs. People who feel back pain during rest are recommended not to wear fitness back supports because it won’t benefit them.

Healthcare professionals or sports trainers suggest some preventive measures to avoid the risk of injuries on the field. For example, you must warm up your body before playing and never forget to cool down when your session is over. Besides this, it is highly recommended to wear protective equipment when necessary.

Fitness back supports are helpful tools to avoid back injuries during sports. They are also considered the best tools to speed up the recovery process following a back injury because they provide needed compression and support to the injured areas. At 360 relief, you can find the best back supports to help manage your back pain.

What Do Fitness Back Supports Do?

Fitness back support helps improve your posture by returning your spine and upper back muscles to their natural positions. They also help reduce the body’s load on the lower disc of the spine, creating an even distribution of weight to reduce pain.

Can I Wear Fitness Back Support During Workout?

Yes, it is helpful to wear fitness back support while undertaking any exercise. During the workout, there are a variety of exercises that specifically target poor posture. You can perform all these activities safely with fitness back support.

Is It Good To Wear Fitness Back Support All Day?

It is not good to wear fitness back support all day unless your GP or trainer recommends doing so. Fitness back supports help correct your posture and align your spine and muscles to their natural position. Use them during exercises and the events when they are necessary.

Are Fitness Back Supports Harmful?

To wear a fitness back brace is typically recommended temporarily. Wearing a fitness back brace longer than the suggested period can contribute to muscle atrophy and dependency on braces, resulting in muscle weakness and chances of injuries.

Who Should Not Wear Fitness Back Supports?

People who experience back pain during rest should avoid wearing back braces because it won’t benefit them. Remember that overusing a back brace can weaken your muscles, making your spine more prone to further injuries.

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