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Are you suffering from a Foot Metatarsal Injury that’s keeping you from daily activities? So, don’t let the pain and discomfort hold you back any longer. However, foot metatarsal injury is a condition in which the ball of your foot becomes inflamed or painful. At 360 Relief, you can find a broad collection of Foot Supports and Braces that are lightweight and durable for everyday wear and tear. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours. So, buy any of your desired footsupports and start feeling the difference in no time!

Neoprene Ankle Wrap Support for Pain Relief


You deserve to feel better!

Our ankle braces help to enhance performance, reduce pain and increase blood circulation as well as offering support for ankle tendons and joints.

This item is designed to minimize the risk of injuries as well as providing support for ongoing pain.

Lace Up Ankle Brace with Plastic Side Stabilizers

Prevent Ankle Injuries and Discomfort with 360 Relief! 360 Relief Ankle Support Brace can help you to avoid injuries and help you to stabilize ankle joints without any discomfort.

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Our foot braces and supports are carefully crafted to offer optimal support and protection to the metatarsal area, encouraging an effective healing process. Their ergonomic design ensures you can wear them throughout the day, whether you’re at work, at home, or engaging in physical activities.

Our foot supports have adjustable straps and an easy closure system that you can customise the compression level and ensure a snug fit around your affected part. Plus, the targeted compression aid in increasing blood circulation which makes the recovery process faster while improving foot mobility.

Moreover, you can also wear our supports under your shoes as they are thin and lightweight. We use comfortable and breathable materials which can help prevent sweating and bad-odour even for extended periods of wear. In addition, you can perfume some gentle foot exercises to strengthen foot joints.

(Note: For a proper diagnosis and personalised treatment plan, visit a healthcare professional as well).

How long does it take for foot metatarsal injury to heal?

A foot metatarsal injury almost takes 2 to 3 months or sometimes even more than 3 months to recover. Remember that it’s necessary to take proper care and give time to heal your foot. Avoid activities until your GP says you can start your regular activities or sports routine.

Is it safe to run with a metatarsal injury?

A person who has a metatarsal injury can walk a little but should not run; it can make your injury worse. It also depends on your injury how severe it is. Anyone suffering with a metatarsal fracture should avoid running or jogging to prevent chronic pain.

Do I need a plaster for foot metatarsal fracture?

There are five long bones in your foot that are known as metatarsal bones. If one of the bones is fractured, it can heal itself. You don’t need a plaster or cast, but you can wear foot support to help to protect the foot for quicker healing.

How does a foot metatarsal fracture feel like?
  1. Severe pain
  2. Swelling
  3. Bruising
  4. Difficulty in running or jogging
  5. Tenderness
How can I treat foot metatarsal injury?

A stiff-soled boot or compression brace might be a good way to treat a metatarsal injury. It can heal without surgery by taking proper care. You should rest your foot and avoid athletic activities until your foot is not completely recovered.

Do I need surgery if I have a foot metatarsal injury?

Most of the foot metatarsal injuries may recover on their own without surgery. But in a few situations, you may require surgical treatment. If your injury is extremely severe, your doctor may advise you to undergo the surgical process.

Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Brace

Treat Your Weak Ankles and Stay Pain Free!

360 Relief Adjustable Ankle Brace is effective to ease pain, swelling and can help manage symptoms of your unstable ankle.

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