A foot stress fracture is a tiny crack in a bone that causes severe bruising in the foot. Overuse and repetitive activities cause stress fractures in a foot and ankle that are common among athletes and players. Foot stress fractures occur when athletes put constant weight on their feet while standing, walking, running, and climbing. If you feel symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible for treatment and recovery.

We are usually on our feet while playing or working; that's why the foot is the most common part of our body that can cause stress fractures. People who engage in sports activities such as hiking, football, or running are more likely to develop foot and ankle stress fractures. However, wearing improper protective equipment might also be the reason for the foot fracture. You can also have a stress fracture if you've recently changed or increased your physical activities. When you touch the area where the bone is cracked, your foot may feel intense pain. Plus, your fracture may worsen if you walk or stand for long periods.
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If you experience a stress fracture in your foot, the essential thing to do is quit athletic activities that cause pain and discomfort. Plus, wear thick sole shoes for protection and support. You can rest and apply ice packs immediately on your injured foot to reduce swelling. In addition, you can take anti-inflammatory medicines to ease foot pain and inflammation.

If your pain doesn’t go away after a few days of rest, then go to your doctor or GP for its treatment. Your doctor will ask the intensity of pain in the foot and level of physical activity to reduce the chances of severe injury. Your doctor may conduct tests like MRI or X-ray to confirm the diagnosis. An MRI scan can identify the exact location of a stress fracture.

The treatment goal is to ease symptoms while allowing the fracture to heal so that you can continue your routine or sports activities. Wearing foot support or a brace can help you avoid foot injuries and ease the pain.

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How can I identify that I have a foot stress fracture?

If you may notice symptoms like:

  • Severe pain in the foot
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • difficulty in walking and running
  • Tenderness
Does a foot stress fracture heal itself?

Stress fractures are common in the foot and lower legs. Avoiding activities that create pressure on the feet can help stress fractures heal faster. However, in severe circumstances, surgery is required to assist in the healing of the fracture.

Can I wear a foot brace if I have a stress fracture?

You can wrap or wear a foot brace to protect against injury and avoid long-term damage. If you see swelling, don’t tie the brace too tightly, it might irritate you. And you will feel more pain.

Is swelling common in a foot stress fracture?

The fractured foot may appear swollen due to both mild or severe injury. It can occur anywhere on the foot, but it is most likely to appear at the top of the foot. A stress fracture’s pain will usually increase while playing and reduce during rest.

Why do foot fractures hurt at night mostly?

Foot stress injuries are caused due to increase in physical activity in playing or working. It could be a cause of muscle stiffness and lead to acute pain and soreness while sleeping. When muscles hurt, it can result in nighttime cramps that affect the feet more.

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