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Wrist braces and supports that we offer are ideal for keeping your Wrist secure to help with issues such as Wrist Injury. 360 relief provide a wide range of professionally designed wrist braces and supports to alleviate the pain, tenderness and stiffness in your wrist.

Wrist plays an important part to perform well in golf. It is necessary to give proper support and help that is needed to perform when it matters most. 360 relief aims to provide golf players with a range of golf wrist support products. Expert designs will help give your wrist the support it needs to aid injuries and improve performance.
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Wrist Support Brace

A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

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While playing golf, you may experience some injuries. Sprains in the wrists are one of the most common wrist injuries for golfers. A sprain usually happens when golfers strike a root or rock during their swing. Although, bad techniques can also be the reason for sprains. When you hit a fat shot, it puts too much strain on your wrist.

Moreover, if a golfer is experiencing a gradual increase in wrist pain after golfing, he or she may have developed tendinitis. Wrist tendinitis results from overuse or poor form. Tiny tears in the wrist tendons are also caused by swinging stress. If you feel such problems, never ignore them and consult your physician as soon as possible.

The easy and instant way to get relief from wrist pain is to wear wrist support or braces. People suffering from wrist injuries and those who want to prevent injuries can wear wrist supports. You can use wrist braces for everyday injuries, such as wrist strains or sprains. To get a safe golf experience, you should wear wrist braces while playing. Wrist braces can also be used to wear for some other major injuries, such as fractures and broken wrists.

Wrist braces and compressions are great to get comfort and also help prevent injuries. But, it happens only when you choose the right brace or compression according to your needs. To select the correct brace, the first thing to consider is what you are going to treat.

If you have been suffering from a wrist fracture or sprain, then immobilization is the key. However, wearing compressions will be a great option if you want to get relief from arthritic pain. We offer a wide range of popular and effective wrist support products to make things a little easier for you.

Can I injure my wrist while playing golf?

Golf wrist injuries are not so common, but they could be terrible for any golfer if you get one. The most common golf injury is overuse injury while playing golf.

How can you treat a golf wrist injury?

Here are few prevention measures to eliminate golf wrist injury and pain:

  • Rest your wrist in a proper way
  • Apply cold and hot compresses for pain and swelling
  • Wear wrist braces to limit the movement
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation.
Why does my left wrist hurt when golfing?

Golf is a sport that demands specific complex movements that can result in injury, especially wrist injury. The repetitive use of the hand and arm and a high swing can cause overuse wrist injury.

What are the common golf injuries?

The most common golf injuries are tendonitis, rotator cuff tear, knee and wrist injuries. They commonly occur due to the overuse of your muscles and repetitive movements. Wearing protective equipment can help you to avoid these injuries.

Is playing golf beneficial for health?

Golf combines a leisure-time challenge with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings. It is suitable for your health and heart rate as well. Playing golf regularly makes you fit, tone up your muscles, and burn your calories.

Wrist Support Brace

A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

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