Golfers Elbow or Epicondylitis is a condition where the tendons of the forearm muscles attach to the bony bump inside the elbow. Many actions like improper swing techniques, repetitive movement, and hitting the floor or a rock may result in golfers’ elbow. Symptoms include pain and tenderness inside the elbow, stiffness, weakness around the elbow, numbness or tingling sensation. If you feel any of these symptoms, consult your GP.

He may apply pressure to the affected areas or move your elbow and wrists in several ways to check the nature of the pain. Your doctor may also suggest some tests to determine the severity of the condition. MRI and CT scans help identify the injury of the soft tissues, helping treat the disease more efficiently. Generally, golfers’ elbow can heal by itself, but your GP might suggest using non-surgical or surgical treatments.

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Home remedies include medication, rest, ice massage to the inflamed areas, compression and elevating the injured areas. Surgical treatment may be required when symptoms do not respond to the conservative measures within six to twelve weeks.

Avoiding repetitive motion, the primary cause of golfers’ elbow, may help reduce the symptoms within six weeks. If you require surgery, the recovery process may take a few months. Experts suggest some preventive measures, helping reduce the chances of injuries during golf.

These include strengthening forearm muscles, good form, using the right equipment, proper lifting, good grip, excellent swinging techniques, and frequent breaks.

Wearing elbow braces help your performance whilst playing golf, as they work as shock absorbers and counter pressure devices. They can also reduce the symptoms of golfers’ elbow by taking the strain off the tendons. Ensure that you wear the braces correctly for the suggested duration. 360 relief provides you with a range of elbow supports to wear for safe play and help with golfers’ elbow.

How long does golfer's elbow last?

Golfer’s elbow takes three to six months to recover with proper rest and care. However, if you do some gentle exercise or some physiotherapy and you still see the problems, you should see a doctor to prevent further injury.

Is massage good for golfer’s elbow?

Massage might help you recover from a golfer’s elbow much more quickly. It will also be applied to your forearm to raise blood circulation. It might aid to boost the healing process and also helps to relieve tension from tendons.

Why is the golfer’s elbow so painful?

The intense damage to the muscles and tendons that control your wrist and arm causes the golfer’s elbow. You can usually feel the pain that worsens the arm movement and stiffness that makes a fist hurt. That’s why you feel a lot of pain while having a golfer’s injury.

Can I exercise with a golfer’s elbow?

If you’re suffering from a golfer’s elbow, you should continue with some gentle exercises. It might help you to strengthen and stabilize your elbows. Wearing supports for elbows is also great way to give additional support to make the healing process fast.

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