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Walking for long periods during a hike can cause backaches and spasms, which result in muscle imbalances that affect the lower back. Wearing a heavy backpack whilst hiking is also a common reason why back injuries occur especially if you don’t distribute the weight evenly. Lower back discomfort and other symptoms can vary depending on the severity of your injury.

Adjustable Lower Back & Hip Support for Pain Relief


Prevent Lower Back and Hip Pain!

360 Relief Sacroiliac belt support can help to ease hip and lower back pain and provides adequate support and protection.

Adjustable Lower Back Support Belt for Spine Injury


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief Lower back belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

This item provides targeted compression.

Back Support Belt for Spine Injury Pain Relief


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief Lower back belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection. This item provides targeted compression.

Lower Back Belt Support to Relieve Back Pain and Discomfort


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief abdominal belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

Made with extra thick, latex-free Neoprene for an enhanced sweating experience. Our Waist Trimmer’s inner lining will not only absorb the moisture but will also prevent the belt from slipping

Lower Lumbar Back Support Belt for Pain Relief


Relieve back pain with support and protection!

360 relief Back Support belt is designed to provide enough support that helps prevent back pain and correct posture.

The injury may only be minor or unfortunately, severe. The pain may gradually occur and worsen over time or occur suddenly. However, acute lower back pain usually occurs unexpectedly. The pain can last for a few days or even up to a couple of weeks as it is seen as a normal physiological response to injury or tissue damage within your back. As your body heals, the pain eventually diminishes.
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Chronic back pain persists longer than three months and cannot be cured with home treatments. It needs a complete medical examination to pinpoint the exact cause and source of the pain. When you feel like your symptoms don’t go away after taking every precaution, it is better to consult a doctor or GP.

You should give complete detail of your symptoms and your medical history, as your doctor will be able to get a more general view of the source of the pain based on this information. In some cases, your doctor will ask you to bend or twist your back in specific positions. These exercises are done to check the extent of the pain and to see the  movement within your back.

However, massage therapy is ideal for reducing lower back aches and pain. It can help reduce muscle spasms and improve blood flow to the lower back. This helps in repairing damaged muscles faster by providing nutrients and oxygen quicker. Doctors may advise wearing a back brace and physiotherapy instead of surgery as a treatment option. Back braces are often worn for a few weeks to support and stabilise the back muscles. Wearing it is necessary for back protection and quick healing.

360 Relief has a variety of expertly designed back braces and supports that provide good support and can help prevent further injury risk. These braces help increase blood circulation, relieve pain, and reduce swelling. They are available in a range of sizes, colours, and styles according to your requirements and your particular injury.

How Can Hiking Hurt My Back?

Bad posture while hiking can hurt your back by putting pressure on the spine, joints, ligaments, and tendons, resulting in muscle-tendon injuries. In the case of an accident, you may get some severe back injuries.

How Is Hiking Good For Back Pain?

Experts say that hiking can be the best exercise for people suffering from back pain. Hiking helps increase muscular motion, which helps improve soft tissues flexibility in the spine and some other large muscle groups.

How Does Back Support Help With Hiking?

Back support helps provide protection to your back and keep your back straight while hiking, which reduces the chances of injuries. It also lowers the pressure on the spines’ joints, muscles, and discs.

How Do I Prevent Injuring My Back While Hiking?

Follow the given advice to have a wonderful hiking experience:

  • Build your core strength
  • Avoid painful triggers
  • Choose the right backpack
  • Use trekking poles to maintain your posture
  • Wear back supports
How Do I Choose The Right Back Support For Hiking?

While choosing the best back support, the primary thing to consider is the supporting level of the back brace. You should also keep in mind the level of compression your back needs, size, materials, and durability of the product.

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