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Knee injuries are common in skiers and can range from simple to complex. A report has shown that nearly 25% of all ski injuries affect the knees. Common knee injuries from skiing may include MCL injury, ACL injury, torn meniscus, knee bursitis, and runners’ knee. Skiers may suffer from the medial collateral ligament, MCL injury when they put stress on the inside of the knee. A sudden change in direction whilst skiing and twisting are associated with the Anterior collateral ligament, ACL.

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Hinged Knee & Leg Brace for Ligament Injuries & Pain


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Hinged Knee Brace Support for Relieving Pain & Discomfort


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Knee Support Brace for Injury Recovery and Pain Relief


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Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace to Relieve Pain & Discomfort


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A torn meniscus may result from a sudden twist, extra weight, and direct contact blow. The inflammation of the bursae is known as knee bursitis, which results in knee pain and swelling. Runners’ knee is another common problem when skiers put heavy stress on their knees. The common symptoms of all knee injuries may include pain, swelling, tenderness, weakness, and difficulty walking. When you feel such symptoms, you should stop skiing to stop further damage. Consult your GP immediately to diagnose the problem. Keep in mind that if left untreated, minor symptoms will turn to chronic injuries, which may limit your daily routine for a long time.
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Your GP will perform a physical checkup to diagnose the initial or minor symptoms. He will order radiological tests, including x-rays or MRI for severe symptoms. Diagnosing will help your GP to make a better treatment plan. You can ease the mild symptoms with natural home remedies. Take rest to avoid further damages.

You can apply ice packs to reduce pain and inflammation. Wearing compression bandages keep your knees aligned and provide needed compression. Your GP may also suggest elevating exercises and physical therapies, improving strength and functionality.

Your GP may perform surgery to repair dislocated or fractured knees. Surgical treatments can include realignment, arthroscopy, partial knee replacement, and total knee replacement. The recovery process depends on the treatment. A total knee replacement may take longer to heal than other surgical procedures. Some preventive strategies will help you avoid recurring injuries and ensure a safe skiing experience.

Keeping fit and maintaining your body weight can protect you from injuries. Make sure that you are skiing under the guidance of your trainers and that you wear the proper equipment.

Knee supports help skiers avoid putting extra pressure or weight on the knees. They can also provide enough compression to the affected or injured areas to speed up healing. 360 relief provides you with the best knee supports to help with a knee injury from skiing.

Are knee injuries common in skiing?

Thousands of people suffer from knee injuries due to skiing. Severe injuries are not common, but if you experience serious knee pain or injury, then it’s better to take a break from skiing and focus on the treatment and care.

What are the common knee injuries from skiing?

The common knee injuries are

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL)
  • Cartilage or meniscal tear
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Skier’s Thumb
  • Knee cap dislocation
How should knee injuries be treated caused from skiing?

The essential home treatments like rest, ice, compression and elevation can help you treat injuries. You can also wear a knee brace to provide extra support to your injured knee. Physiotherapy is also a great way to strengthen and stabilize your knees.

What are the symptoms of serious knee injuries?

If you feel

  • Sharp pain
  • Swelling around the knee
  • Deformation
  • Unable to put weight on a knee
  • Difficulty in walking or running
  • Difficulty in bending or straightening the knee
  • Joint disability
How long does it take a knee injury to heal from skiing?

Recovery depends on the severity of your injury. Rest and knee support can help you to ease pain speed up the recovery process. If your knee injury is minimal, exercising can also help you to regain strength.

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