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Squatting is a workout routine or even a part of the everyday tasks for many people. Squatting correctly is not harmful and does not cause any knee pain. However, incorrect squatting can cause knee pain, especially when you already have a knee injury. The common causes of knee pain from squatting may include incorrect posture and previously existing knee conditions, including a knee sprain, patellofemoral pain syndrome, tendinitis, arthritis, and tendon or cartilage tear. Overuse in sports and muscle imbalance are other risk factors leading to knee pain while squatting.

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Bad knee squatting may result in localized pain and swelling. The symptoms may worsen in severe conditions or injuries. Your GP will diagnose the injury by performing a thorough medical examination. For example, he will ask you about the pain duration, whether it is off and on or consistent. What activities trigger the pain, or what new activities you have started recently. All these will help your GP determine the symptoms and causes causing knee pain. Further tests may be required, such as x-rays or other imaging tests, to help with the treatment plan.
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Imaging tests also help determine the extent of the injury if a fracture or kneecap is misaligned. Physical therapy is the most effective non-invasive treatment for pain resulting from squatting. Physical therapy helps improve muscle strength and range of motion. More severe cases, such as fractures and dislocation, may require surgery. Common surgical treatments may include realignment, partial knee replacement, and total knee replacement.

Healthcare professionals or workout trainers suggest some techniques for squatting correctly. Squats are performed with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing forward. Keep your back straight, and all movement should come from your hips. Bend your knees by pushing your buttocks out.

It’s better to avoid letting your knees move in front of your toes, squat at a 90-degree angle. Besides this, you need to adopt other preventive measures to avoid injuries and have a safe workout experience. For example, you should do warm-up exercises before a workout and learn other stretching techniques to reduce injury risks.

Wearing knee supports can keep your knees protected from overuse and excessive pressure. They also help provide compression to speed up the recovery process. You can find the best knee supports at 360 relief to help with a knee injury from squats.

How can I treat knee pain from squats?
  • Rest your knees
  • Stop doing sports activities or heavy workout
  • Apply ice packs 2 to 3 times each day
  • Wear knee compression brace for extra support
  • Do elevation
  • Take anti-inflammatory for acute pain
How long does knee injury caused by squats last?

Mild knee injuries like strain or sprain recover up to 2 weeks with rest and care. On the other hand, if your knee injury is severe, it might take a year to recover completely. However, rest, ice, knee supports, and elevation can help you recover from knee injury faster.

What exercises can help to avoid knee injury in squats?

Mild stretching and strengthening exercise can help you to avoid knee pain. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a physical therapist. Physiotherapy can also help you to regain the strength of your knees. You can also apply heating pads after a few days of injury, and it may help you relax your knee muscles.

Should I do squats with sore knees?

You can include squats in your fitness programme. However, squatting against the wall can help limit the danger of putting unnecessary pressure on your knees. It can be beneficial for people who are suffering from knee arthritis.

Can I wrap my knee or wear a brace if it hurts?

Wrapping or bracing around your knee might help relieve knee discomfort and give additional support to the knee joints. If you have knee arthritis and constant pain, it might be beneficial to wrap or wear a knee brace.

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