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Badminton Knee Support

In badminton, a lot of knee movement is involved, especially while jumping and changing directions. Common knee injuries in the badminton court include iliotibial band syndrome, runners’ knees, arthritis, ligament injuries, and fractures. Wearing wrong shoes, playing on uneven surfaces, and improper footwork can cause iliotibial band syndrome. Muscle tightening, muscle imbalance, and flat feet are common causes for runners’ knees. Arthritis is of three types: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis.

2pcs Padded Knee Support Brace for Sports & MMA Training


Prevent your knees from chronic Injuries and pain!

360 Relief Padded Knee Brace Support provides comfort, reduces knee discomfort, and protects them from re-injuries!

Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support & Brace for Pain Relief


Prevent knee discomfort and take part in your athletic activities!

360 Relief Knee Support Brace provides support and compression across the knee joints and enhances your athletic activities.

Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support for Sports and Arthritis Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

360 orthopaedic brace relieves pressure and stress on the knee-joint during exercise.

and is designed to promote better blood circulation with the added comfort.

Hinged Knee & Leg Brace for Ligament Injuries & Pain


No more Knee & Leg Discomfort!

360 Relief Hinged Knee & Leg Brace can help to ease ligament pain and prevent injuries from occurring by providing support and protection.

Hinged Knee Brace Support for Relieving Pain & Discomfort


Protect your knees and avoid discomfort!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Support Brace supports and stabilizes a damaged knee and eases pain and inflammation while recovering.

Hinged Knee Support Brace for Knee Cartilage Injuries & Relieve Pain


Get back on your feet again!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Support Brace effectively reduces pain and protects your knees from re-injury while providing support and comfort.

Knee Support Brace for Injury Recovery and Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

Adjustable Knee Strap, Non-Slip & Extra Compression – provides solid support for your knee joint and grips your thigh firmly without slipping down.

Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace to Relieve Pain & Discomfort


Treat knee injury and pain with us!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Brace is great to relieve pain and discomfort by providing complete support and comfort.

Neoprene Knee Support with Anti-Slip Design for Arthritis Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

360 Relief Neoprene Compression knee support braces are designed to promote better blood circulation while keeping your knee firm and reducing stiffness.

Arthritis occurs when the cartilage that covers the bones wears away. Knee fracture may result from a powerful impact or when you fall heavily onto your knee joints. Common symptoms of knee injuries in badminton may include pain, swelling, and weakness. Whether you are suffering from mild to moderate or severe symptoms, you should not ignore them and consult your GP immediately. If left untreated, knee injuries or other symptoms causing knee pain may worsen.
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Your GP will perform a physical checkup and may order imagining tests, such as X-rays and MRIs. A proper diagnosis helps create a better treatment plan. For mild symptoms, home remedies and medications are best. Rest is needed for recovery, and ice packs are applied to reduce swelling. Anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended to reduce pain and swelling. Surgery may be required for more severe conditions, such as knee fracture and knee dislocation.

The recovery process following a knee injury depends upon the extent of the damage. Knee sprains and other acute injuries may take a few weeks to get you back to normal conditions. Fractures and dislocation may take several months to heal. It’s better to follow some prescribed preventive

measures to avoid the risk of injuries, allowing you a safe game experience. Warm-up exercises and stretches keep your body flexible to cope with the resistance and stresses you face during the game. You should also ensure proper swinging and running techniques, helping prevent an injury.

Wearing knee braces helps provide extra protection and support against the bumps and blows in the badminton court. They also provide needed compression and supports to speed up the recovery process following a knee injury. At 360 relief, we provide you with the best knee supports to help with a knee injury in badminton.

What are common badminton injuries?

There are a few common injuries that can occur while playing badminton

  • Ankle sprain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Wrist sprain or strain
  • Knee injury
What is the best way to relax your knees after playing badminton?

You can put one leg in front of the other and bend forward until your legs don’t bear the majority of your weight. It not only relaxes your knee muscles and joints but also helps you to strengthen your knees. It might also help prevent injuries.

How should knee injuries be treated in badminton?
  • Rest your legs and knees
  • Apply cold packs to minimize swelling
  • Do stretching exercises to regain strength
  • Stop icing and apply heat pads after 3 to 4 days.
  • Elevation
  • Wrap or wear knee supports
What are the different techniques to avoid injuries in badminton?

It’s essential to know how to play shots with the correct technique; it may help avoid wrist and shoulder injuries. You can avoid knee injuries by using proper jumping and landing techniques. These basic techniques can help you prevent injuries and pain when you are playing.

Can I take a shower after playing badminton?

You can shower after badminton, but taking a hot bath after any sports can help you relax your muscles. It also reduces the risk of swelling and rashes caused by sweating or any injury.

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