Leg sprain occurs due to stretches or tears in the ligaments, resulting from bending and twisting the knee or leg. Leg sprains especially happen among athletes. The symptoms of a sprained leg may include pain while walking; and bruising, tenderness, and swelling in the affected muscles. Several conditions can cause a sprain in the leg. Landing awkwardly from a jump and walking or playing on uneven surfaces can cause a leg sprain. Some risk factors contributing to leg sprains include environmental conditions, fatigue, and wearing ill-fitting equipment. Once the symptoms appear, you should consult your GP to diagnose the problem.

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Your GP or healthcare professional will perform physical checkups or machine tests to identify the affected areas. During a physical checkup, doctors check for swelling and points of tenderness in your affected limb. The intensity and the location of pain helps determine the nature and extent of the damage. If your GP is not satisfied with a physical checkup, they may recommend further tests.
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X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging, MRI are helpful to diagnose the extent of the injury. To treat mild sprains, your healthcare advisor advises you to follow some conservative measures. Resting, applying ice massage several times a day, providing proper compressions, and elevating the injured areas help reduce the symptoms. In some severe cases, such as in torn ligaments, your GP may suggest surgical treatment.

Mild sprains may heal within six weeks by following conservative measures properly. Severe injuries which require surgery may take a longer time to heal. Experts and healthcare advisors suggest some preventive measures to avoid leg sprains. Stretch your legs and ankles regularly to keep them flexible. Promote a range of motion and strengthening exercises to make the muscles strong.

If you are an athlete, make sure that your muscles are warmed up before practising or playing. In order to prevent sprains from happening, leg braces are beneficial as they help stabilize the muscles, keeping them warm and compressed. The leg brace can help reduce weight-bearing forces and speed up the recovery process if recovering from an injury.

Whether you are suffering from a sprain or any other leg injury, leg supports can help you reduce the symptoms. At 360 relief, you can get a range of leg supports to help with a sprained leg.

How Does A Leg Sprain Occur?

A leg sprain occurs when ligaments or fibers that connect bones get stretched or torn. Usually, an injury causes sprains in a leg. Leg sprains commonly cause swelling, pain, and bruising.

How Long Does A Leg Sprain Last?

Usually, a sprained leg may take about 2 weeks to heal. However, you should avoid strenuous exercises such as running for at least 8 weeks to reduce the chances of further damage. Severe sprains in the leg may also take months to fully recover.

Can I Walk On A Sprained Leg?

In the first few days, you should rest your leg. As the swelling will decrease, you can start walking for a short distance. It will speed up the recovery.

How Can I Treat A Sprained Leg?

The following are the best ways to treat a sprained leg:

  • Provide proper rest to your sprained leg.
  • Apply ice to the affected areas for 20 minutes after every hour.
  • Use elastic bandages for support.
  • Use a pillow to keep your sprained leg elevated.
What Is The Difference Between Sprained Leg and Fractured Leg?

Both leg sprains and fractures result from the same activities. However, sprains occur when ligaments get stretched or break. Fracture, on the other hand, occurs when a leg bone is broken.

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