Lumbar support aids are highly effective at easing lower back discomfort and pain by providing support where it is needed. Lower back pain is extremely common and can be caused by a number of things. It can affect the physical capabilities of those who experience it from minor inconveniences to serious limitations. Simple tasks like bending down to put on shoes or socks or getting in and out of bed can become extremely hard to accomplish. Symptoms of lower back pain can also include difficulty moving, muscle spasms, disturbed sleep and pain when weight bearing or after sitting for a long time.

Lowe back pain can be managed in a number of ways. While painkillers and surgical intervention can become necessary in some cases, many people can enjoy significant improvements by using lumbar support aids and undergoing physiotherapy. Always consult your doctor or a consultant if you are worried about lower back pain. Some more serious causes include intervertebral disc degeneration, sciatica, osteoporosis and lumbar stress fractures and these must be treated quickly and correctly to ensure full recovery.

Lower back pain can also be caused or exacerbated by injuries, such as sporting knocks and hits, incorrectly lifting heavy objects or involvement in vehicle collisions. People can also be diagnosed with hypomobility (body structures and joints being too ‘tight’) or hypermobility (too loose). This can cause the body to move unnaturally and inadvertently cause injury to the discs, ligaments, nerves and muscles in the lower back area. Physiotherapists can teach someone affected by these conditions how to move safely and maximise joint usage.

Treatments often begin with x-rays being taken to assess the situation and screen people whose lower back pain is not responding to pain relief or physiotherapy. A CT scan can also reveal the problem, especially if it is around nerve damage or spinal cord stenosis. Finally, an MRI scan shows the structural status of the spine and invertebral discs to check for more extensive damage or wear and tear.

While medical investigations are taking place, it can be extremely helpful to wear a lumbar support device to ease the pressure and pain in the affected area. These are strapped onto the body in the affected area to help improve posture and relieve lower back pain. They have moveable straps to ensure a comfortable fit and can come with finger pockets and loops for more precise compression adjustments.

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