People who suffer from Patellar Tendonitis can never enjoy their daily life and perform their daily tasks well. To cure the injury and to prevent further damages, the best suggestion is to wear knee braces. 360 relief aims to provide customers with the best knee braces that are all designed by professionals. Patellar Tendonitis, also known as Jumpers’ Keep, refers to inflammation of your patellar tendon. This tendon connects the kneecap to the shinbone.

Patellar tendonitis weakens the tendons. However, if it is left untreated, it can lead to tears in the tendons. General symptoms to diagnose patellar tendonitis are knee pain, swelling, pain through running, and pain while bending the knees. People with all these symptoms must be conscious about their health and meet their healthcare advisor as soon as possible. To diagnose patellar tendonitis, several tests can be performed. You can use the methods of X-Rays, Ultrasound, and MRI. The primary cause to develop patellar tendonitis is repetitive stress on the knee. Repetitive stress most often happens because of overuse in sports or exercise. Patellar tendonitis is an acute injury that occurs suddenly when your knee experiences sudden stress.
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To avoid patellar tendonitis, the healthcare advisors suggest avoiding going up and down stairs. To prevent patellar tendonitis, you must avoid wearing high heels, deep knee bending, kneeling, and step aerobics. Keep in mind that the patellar tendonitis does not heal on its own. It would be best if you adopt some conservative measures to heal the injury. Surgery may also be required in severe cases. Although, a time of 6 months to a year is needed to heal the damage completely.

To provide your injury instant aid, you need to wear knee compressions or sleeves. Magnetic knee straps are also used to give the knee quick comfort. However, it would help if you take your healthcare advisor’s advice while choosing the best knee compressions. The main benefit of wearing compressions or sleeves is that they help place the knee correctly.

Wearing compressions or sleeves can help you avoid extra efforts and movements that help to prevent further injury. Once the injury is recovered, patellar tendonitis can come back. You should consult your doctor for preventive measures. The primary preventive measures are to do exercises and keep your knee away from stress.

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What activities cause patellar tendonitis?

Running, jumping or even squatting are the primary reasons that cause patellar tendinitis. It may result in tiny tears in tendons which causes pain, inflammation, and swelling.

How can I fix patellar tendonitis?

Physical therapy may help to reduce the symptoms of patellar tendinitis like stretching and strengthening exercises. Knee supports also help to limit movement and reduce pain and stiffness.

What happens if patellar tendonitis is not treated on time?

Tendonitis can complete tendon rupture if left untreated. But they can also be caused by chronic conditions such as diabetes, metabolic disorder, arthritis, and long-term steroid use.

Is heat good for patellar tendonitis?

Heat may be more effective for chronic tendinitis pain during the first three days. Heat can aid in improving the healing process by increasing blood flow to an injury. Heat also relaxes muscles, which helps to relieve discomfort.

Is stretching good for patellar tendonitis?

mild stretching or exercise is good, but it will worsen if you do hard stretching. Try to avoid those sports activities which lead you to patellar tendonitis.

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