Are you suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury and want to get relief from it? Here at 360 Relief, we have a large range of hand and wrist supports. These Supports are designed to help with pain relief, inflammation, and stiffness due to repetitive strain injuries, RSI. A Repetitive Strain Injury is a common term used to explain the pain you feel in tendons, nerves, and muscles.

Repetitive movements and overuse usually cause RSI. The disease primarily affects the body parts, including the forearm, elbow, wrists, hands, neck, and shoulders. The injury does not go away itself. You have to get the injury diagnosed and then start working on healing process. Best way to identify RSI is that If you are experiencing pain, ache, tenderness, stiffness, weakness, cramp, and numbness in your wrist, you may have RSI.
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Wrist Support Brace

A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

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Certain things increase the risk of repetitive strain injury—for example, poor posture or other related activities performing in an awkward direction. You may also develop RSI if you are doing high-intensity activities for a long time without taking a rest or a break. Besides this, cold temperature and vibrating equipment can also cause RSI in your wrist.

If you are worried about the symptoms of RSI, you must create your working environment as comfortable as possible. Make sure that you avoid all the situations mentioned above to prevent RSI.

While planning your recovery from RSI, exercise should be your priority. Wearing a brace can also give temporary relief. You have to evaluate how severe your injury is. Based on the severity, you need to select the wrist brace. You can find light control braces that support through light compression and are designed for joint protection.

Then comes moderate control braces that provide the most incredible support and resistance to movement. They are made up of materials with less elasticity and more robust fabric. If complete rest is needed to help reduce the pain, firm control braces are the best recommendation.

How can you treat repetitive strain injury (RSI) wrist?

If you have a severe medical condition, you need self-care, physiotherapy, medical treatment and in a few cases, even surgery. You can wear a wrist brace to give extra support to your hand. It will limit your hand’s movement and keep it in a neutral position.

How long does it take to heal from RSI?

It depends on the severity of your injury. Usually, it requires from 3 to 6 weeks to recover from an RSI wrist injury. But if you take good care and proper medication, it will speed up the recovery time.

What is the most common RSI injury?

Tendonitis is the most common strain injury. Tendons that connect the bones are easily injured due to repetitive movements of the wrist that result in injury.

What are the types of RSI?

There are two types of RSI:

  1. Musculoskeletal: it is caused by repetitive muscle movements resulting in swelling and pain.
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: It is usually caused by nerve damage resulting in numbness and weakness.
What are the significant causes of RSI wrist?
  1. Repetitive use of hands and wrists.
  2. Doing a prolonged activity without rest
  3. Bad posture or activities that may involve working in an awkward position

Wrist Support Brace

A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

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