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Rugby is the most popular sport played by people of all ages. As it is a high contact sport, the chances of injuries are high. Rugby players can hurt any part of their body, including their wrists and hands. A wrist sprain is the most common wrist-related injury in rugby, resulting from repetitive movements, collisions, and a direct fall. It most usually occurs during mauling, tackling, and rucking opponents. More severe conditions can also cause rugby jersey finger fractures, and thumb dislocations.

Adjustable Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Brace with Metal Strips


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360 Relief Adjustable Wrist Support Brace is effective in reducing pain, swelling, and discomfort and also provides gentle compression for faster recovery!

Adjustable Thumb Wrist Support Brace with One Metal Strip for Thumb


Treat Injuries and Recover Fast with 360 Relief!

360 Relief Adjustable Thumb Wrist Support Brace can be helpful to reduce pain, stiffness, discomfort, swelling, and can help to cure injury faster.

Adjustable Wrist Support Brace for Pain Relief and Carpal Tunnel


Relieve aches, pain, and inflammation!!

A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

Adjustable Wrist Support Brace with Metal Splints for Pain & Discomfort


Enjoy Comfort & Protection with 360 Relief

360 Relief Adjustable Wrist Brace can help you to reduce pain, swelling and keep your wrist in a neutral position to avoid unusual movements for faster recovery.

Stretchable Wrist & Thumb Support for Protection and Pain Relief


Enjoy More Support with Comfort and Protection

360 Relief Wrist & Thumb Support Brace is effective to reduce pain and discomfort by providing additional support and compression.

Thumb & Wrist Brace Stabilizer to Support and Prevent Wrist Injuries


Keep Your Wrists Pain Free With Our Brace!

360 Relief Thumb & Wrist Brace Stabilizer helps in the faster recovery of injuries by reducing pain, swelling, and discomfort while also offering compression!

Thumb Wrist Neoprene support for Weight Lifting & Gym Training


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360 Wrist wraps are perfect for supporting your wrist while power lifting, dead lifts, during squats or other exercises that may strain the wrist.

Wrist & Thumb support for Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis Pain Relief


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ISOLATES THE THUMB- giving free movement to all the other parts of the hand, so your thumb injury won’t hinder your daily activities

Wrist Support Bandage/Wrap for Relieve of Muscle Pain Sprain & Sports Injury


360 Relief compression wrap Bandage provides a combination of comfort and protection. Reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. It helps to boost blood circulation and accelerate recovery.

Pain is the primary symptom associated with rugby-related wrist or hand injuries. You may also feel numbness, weakness, and difficulty moving while gripping objects in some severe conditions. It is advisable to leave the field when you feel such symptoms. You need to consult your GP immediately, who will perform a physical checkup to determine the range of motion and severity of the pain. To determine the extent of the damage, your GP will also suggest some imaging tests, including X-rays and MRIs. Based on these imaging tests, your GP can create effective treatment plans for you.
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To reduce the initial symptoms, like pain and swelling, your GP will suggest some conservative measures including, rest, massage, compression, and over-the-counter medications. Conservative measures take a few weeks to reduce symptoms; however, fractures and other severe conditions may take longer to heal. To speed up the recovery process, ensure that you are following the instructions of your GP carefully.

It is advisable to wear wrist and hand supports to keep your wrists and hands safe during playing. Braces work as protective gears, helping keep your wrists and hands protected from extra pressure and stress. Wrists and hand supports are also helpful to speed up the recovery process following a wrist or hand injury. They help promote proper function and restrict unnecessary movements to prevent further damage.

They are also considered the best tools to provide needed compressions and improve blood circulation to the injured areas. Wearing a tightly fitted brace can restrict blood circulation, whereas loosely fitted braces can irritate you. Ensure that your wrist and hand braces are snug enough to offer the required compression and support.

Wrist and hand supports are different according to their compression and support levels. It is better to ask your GP or trainers to choose the right braces according to your needs. At 360 Relief, you can find the best wrist and hand supports to help manage your wrist and hand pain.

Is Rugby Bad For My Wrist And Hand?

Rugby, being a continuous moving sport, involves many collisions, resulting in wrist and hand injuries. These types of injuries most often occur due to rucking, tackling, and mauling opponents.

What Are The Most Common Wrist And Hand Injuries In Rugby?

While playing Rugby, athletes may face the following wrist and hand injuries:

  • Fractured or Dislocated Thumb
  • Wrist Sprain
  • Rugby Jersey Finger
  • Scapholunate Ligament Tear
How Do Braces Help With Wrist And Hand Injury?

Braces help support the wrist and hand joints to promote proper movement and function, preventing further damages. They also help speed up recovery from sprains, fractures, dislocation, a torn tendon, and nerve damage.

How Do Braces Help Wrist And Hand In Rugby?

Rugby is one of the high contact sports in which players need to move their hands and wrists continuously. In such cases, the wrist and hand braces work as protective gear by putting pressure around the wrists and hands to avoid sprain and strain.

How Tight Should A Wrist Or Hand Brace Be?

Wrist and hand braces should be tight enough to restrict the unnecessary motion to speed up the recovery process. However, they should not be so tight so as to limit the blood flow around the wrists and hands. Seek advice from your GP to get maximum benefits of wearing wrist and hand supports during and following an injury.

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