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A shoulder dislocation is a condition that occurs when the round ball at the top of the upper arm bone leaves the socket in the scapula or shoulder blade. Tissues that hold the bones together, including muscles and tendons, may sometimes be injured. You may experience a visibly deformed or out-of-place shoulder. The shoulder dislocation may also result in intense pain, swelling, and inability to move the joints.

Adjustable Arm/Shoulder Sling Support for Fractured Arms Elbows Wrists and Pain Relief



360 Relief shoulder sling is designed to keep your arm suspended with or without a cast. Wearing a sling keeps your arm against your body and prevents you from moving your arm too much as you heal after injury.

Double Shoulder Compression Brace Support for Injuries and Pain Relief


Keep shoulders warm

360 Relief Shoulder brace provides stable support and offers targeted compression. It is designed to warm your shoulders, which can effectively relieve discomfort.

Most dislocations occur at the front of the shoulder. A strong force, such as a direct blow to the shoulder, sports injuries, sudden trauma, or direct fall, can cause a dislocated shoulder. A physical exam allows your GP to inspect the affected areas for deformity, swelling, or tenderness. X-rays will help determine dislocation and reveal broken bones or other shoulder joint damages. CT scans and MRIs will help determine if there are any broken bones that may have been missed in the X-rays.
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Adjustable Shoulder Support

360 Shoulder Brace provides support and stabilizes the shoulder for pain relief. Helps tendonitis, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, dislocated, torn muscles or ligaments, etc.

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Surgery is not always necessary for a dislocated shoulder. It can be treated with home remedies and non-surgical treatments. Providing rest to your shoulder is the most crucial part. However, applying ice packs, taking pain relievers, and maintaining the range of motion may help reduce the symptoms of a dislocated shoulder. If these remedies do not respond after several months, you may need to think about surgery to repair the dislocated shoulder.

According to healthcare professionals, a dislocated shoulder may take 12 to 16 weeks to heal properly. However, you will usually be able to resume most activities within 2 to 3 weeks. You should avoid heavy lifting and shoulder involved sports for at least 12 weeks. You can avoid shoulder dislocation injury by adopting some preventive measures suggested by experts. Avoid falling during sports or other conditions.

Always wear protective gear, especially during workouts and sports. Regular exercise helps you maintain flexibility and strength in your joints and muscles.

Shoulder braces help immobilize the affected arm and shoulder, promoting healing. They also help prevent shoulder dislocation during intense physical activities or sports. At 360 relief, we provide you with the best shoulder braces to prevent injuries or promote the healing process.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shoulder Dislocation?

The following are the common symptoms for a dislocated shoulder:

  • Pain in upper arm and shoulder
  • Swelling in shoulder
  • Weakness and numbness in the shoulder
  • Bruising in shoulder
  • Deformity of shoulder
What Is The Best Exercise For A Dislocated Shoulder?

The best exercises for a dislocated shoulder are as follows:

  • Wall Pushups: 8 to 12 times a day
  • Internal Rotator Strengthening: 8 to 12 times a day
  • Shoulder Flexion: 2 to 4 times a day
Do I Need Physical Therapy After A Dislocated Shoulder?

If you dislocate a shoulder, you need the assistance of a professional healthcare advisor to place the joint back. Once the joint is realigned, a physical therapist helps to start the rehabilitation process.

How Long Does A Dislocated Shoulder Take To Heal?

A dislocated shoulder takes about 12 to 16 weeks to recover completely. You can resume most of the routine activities within two weeks. Although, you should avoid weight lifting and sports involving shoulder movement.

What Happens If A Dislocated Shoulder Is Left Untreated?

If a dislocated shoulder is left untreated, it will cause severity in pain and swelling. It can also be a reason for significant loss of shoulder mobility. Moreover, it can also damage the surrounding blood vessels and ligaments.

Posture Corrector Brace

Our 360 Relief Posture Corrector promotes less slouching with proper alignment of your neck, shoulders, and back. Great for office workers, walking or running.

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