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Shoulder Sprain

The shoulder ligaments are tough tissue bands that help connect the sternum, clavicle, acromion, and scapula in the shoulder. A shoulder sprain refers to a tear in the shoulder muscles and ligaments. Usually, a shoulder sprain occurs when a backward force is placed on the arm or shoulder and stretches the shoulder ligaments.

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360 Relief shoulder sling is designed to keep your arm suspended with or without a cast. Wearing a sling keeps your arm against your body and prevents you from moving your arm too much as you heal after injury.

A direct fall onto the shoulder, a road accident, and high contact sports involved in shoulder movements are the common causes contributing to the shoulder sprain. Improper warm-up before playing and fatigue are the risk factors of the shoulder sprain. A shoulder sprain usually results in pain in the joints and swelling and tenderness when pressing on the injured areas. A severe shoulder sprain may also result in shoulder instability. A physical checkup is enough to diagnose the symptoms of a sprained shoulder. Your GP may ask about your medical history and exercise habits. He will also check the range of motion to identify the painful condition.
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Adjustable Shoulder Support

360 Shoulder Brace provides support and stabilizes the shoulder for pain relief. Helps tendonitis, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, dislocated, torn muscles or ligaments, etc.

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However, the severity and location of shoulder sprain may also be determined through imaging tests, including x-rays and MRI. General sprains or mild symptoms may recover through self-care strategies and medications. You should give your shoulder rest. Apply ice packs several times a day. Physical therapy helps improve strength and range of motion, and anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce pain and swelling. Grade III shoulder sprain or severe damage may require minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopic).

You can resume your daily activities within one to two weeks with a mild sprain. Moderate sprains may take as long as eight weeks to heal. However, severe sprains may feel better within six months, but they need three to five months to rehabilitate completely. Experts suggest some preventive measures to avoid sprain in the shoulder.

Take care not to fall during sports, and make sure you perform the proper throwing techniques. Also, follow your coach’s advice for safe play during sports. Regular exercise makes your shoulder muscles and joints strong and flexible, helping prevent injuries in overhead activities.

Wearing a shoulder brace helps provide compression and support to the sprained shoulder, which helps decrease swelling and limit unnecessary movements to speed up the recovery process. At 360 relief, you can get a variety of shoulder braces or supports to reduce the symptoms of shoulder sprain.

How Does Shoulder Sprain Occur?

Ligament stretch and tear can cause shoulder sprain in your shoulder. Ligaments are muscular tissues that connect bones. Shoulder sprain occurs during a fall, sports, and activities around the house.

How Do You Treat A Sprained Shoulder At Home?

Apply ice and heat. By applying ice packs to the shoulder, you can reduce the swelling. It also helps to reduce pain. Use a cold compress up to five times a day. Make sure you are not leaving a cold compress on your shoulder longer than 20 minutes.

What Happens If A Shoulder Sprain Goes Untreated?

Shoulder sprains are not adequately rehabilitated. An untreated or repeated injury can lead to chronic instability in the shoulder. It will cause severe pain and will take more time to heal.

How Can I Sleep Comfortably With Shoulder Sprain?

To have a comfortable sleep, you should lie flat on your back with your injured shoulder propped up with a pillow. If you want to lie on the side, lie on the uninjured shoulder.

How Much Time Does A Sprained Shoulder Take To Heal?

A moderate sprain may take as long as eight weeks to heal. However, you can resume the day-to-day activities within a few months after injury. However, a severe sprain may take a longer time to heal completely.

Posture Corrector Brace

Our 360 Relief Posture Corrector promotes less slouching with proper alignment of your neck, shoulders, and back. Great for office workers, walking or running.

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