Tennis elbow is a painful injury that occurs due to repetitive motion of the arm while playing. It’s a condition that usually develops over time. Repetitive activities, such as swinging a racquet can cause excessive strain on the muscles and tendons. Ignoring them could worsen with time if you notice symptoms, so consult your doctor immediately. When you hit a tennis ball forcefully, you put a lot of pressure on your forearm muscles, resulting in tiny tears in your tendons.

Moreover, if your technique is wrong or your grip is too tight, you may also suffer from tennis elbow. Tennis elbow causes severe pain on the outside of your elbow, which could worsen over time if not treated immediately. Touching your elbow may be painful, and the pain can travel to your forearm and wrist. You may also experience a few symptoms like shaking hands, gripping, difficulty moving your arm, and swelling around the elbow.
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Home treatments such as rest, cold packs, and compression of the elbow joint can help you to reduce pain, and over-the-counter medicines can usually relieve elbow discomfort and inflammation. If you are experiencing constant pain, swelling, and discomfort, you need to see a doctor.

Your doctor or a physiotherapist will examine you to identify the cause of your tennis elbow. He will ask you to bend and straighten your arm and elbow to see where the pain occurs.

You may also need an X-ray or MRI to diagnose it. Doing physiotherapy can help you stabilize and strengthen your elbow to return to play tennis again.

To prevent tennis elbow while playing, elbow braces and supports can help you avoid injury and pain. Wearing an elbow brace can be ideal for supporting and protecting them from further injury.

If you are heavily involved in activities that cause repetitive motions, then elbow support can help you overcome your symptoms. At 360 Relief, you can get a large variety of elbow supports and braces that meet your requirements.

What is the leading cause of Tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is mainly caused by overusing or repetitive motions in a constant direction of the forearm. It might also happen when your elbow is hit or poorly twisted, especially when you’re playing.

What if I leave my tennis elbow untreated?

If you left the tennis elbow untreated, it could get worse with time. Even you might need surgery to recover from injury. Doctors might recommend various treatments, like braces or physical therapy to avoid surgery or changing employment to prevent repetitive motion.

Is heat good for tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow can be treated with heat to promote long-term healing and pain reduction. The heating process encourages blood flow to the injured area, and warmth relaxes and extends the muscles of your elbow joint. It can aid speed up the healing process and reduce your elbow pain faster.

What is the best way to treat tennis elbow?
  1. Rest
  2. Avoid activities that must require arms
  3. Apply cold packs for few minutes a day
  4. Do a physical therapy
Can I use tennis elbow support while sleeping?

You can wear elbow support at night, which can help you sleep better. These braces prevent the forearm muscles from contracting entirely, which can help with the elbow if you clench your fists while sleeping.

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