One of the smallest carpal bones of the wrist is the scaphoid bone, located on the thumb side of your wrist. Because of its location on the side of your wrist, the scaphoid is more prone to injury and damage. The most frequent injury is a scaphoid fracture, which occurs when a person falls on his outstretched hand.

A scaphoid fracture is a common injury among skiers and active people involved in sports activities. This injury is usually misdiagnosed or ignored, which can have severe and long-term effects. Many people think that they have just sprained their wrist because the symptoms of a scaphoid fracture are similar to a sprained wrist. Most patients who suffer from a scaphoid fracture will have pain, discomfort, and swelling along the thumb side of their wrist.
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Delaying treatment might cause serious problems. If you think you’ve fractured your wrist and thumb, see a doctor for treatment. Your doctor may recommend you wear a thumb splint or brace. But, if the pain continues, an x-ray can be performed to determine the cause and the problem in the thumb. Imagining tests like MRI or CT scan may be done to get better results of the scaphoid injury, which can help with diagnosis and surgery planning.

It is essential to take proper rest and treatment; otherwise, you risk delayed healing and further issues such as arthritis. It takes roughly 12 weeks for a scaphoid fracture to heal if it is properly treated. Your doctor may suggest physiotherapy as further treatment.

The scaphoid fracture can be successfully treated with a cast if not fractured. On the other hand, surgery might be the best option to treat and heal the injury if the scaphoid bone is fractured or broken. However, an untreated fracture might take up to six months to heal completely.

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How To Test Thumb Scaphoid Injury?

There is no reliable clinical test to diagnose thumb scaphoid injury. However, the chances of scaphoid fracture are high if you see severe swelling of the anatomic snuffbox.

Can Thumb Scaphoid Injury Heal Itself?

When it’s confirmed that you have a scaphoid fracture, you must start the treatment immediately. Because of the sensitive nature of the bone, it must not be left to heal on its own. The idea to leave it for self-recovery is inadvisable.

How Long Does A Thumb Scaphoid Injury Take To Heal?

If a scaphoid fracture is correctly treated right after its injury, it takes about 12 weeks to recover completely. However, an untreated fracture may take about six months or more.

What Is Better Ice Or Heat Therapy For Scaphoid Injury?

For the first 72 hours, ice is an excellent choice because it helps reduce swelling. Heat, on the other hand, provides relaxation to muscles from stiffness.

What Is A Quick Way To Heal Scaphoid Injury?

The quick way to treat scaphoid fracture is to immobilize your thumb with a cast or brace. However, you can remove the plaster when your GP says to reintroduce motion and to strengthen exercises.

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