Thumb Splint: Strong Support to Immobilise the Joint Correctly for Fractured and Dislocated Thumbs

Wearing a thumb splint can help with all kinds of injuries and conditions. This is because it helps to keep the thumb steady and in one position to aid healing. Splints work to alleviate thumb pain. This can be caused by sprains, fractures and other injuries, as well as medical; conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis or carpal tunnel syndrome. You can also damage your thumb through overusing it, e.g. operating machinery, exercising at the gym or during sports training. Pain can be stabbing, burning or aching, depending on the severity and exact location of the damage or condition.

Thumb splints are highly effective for the medical conditions listed above, as well as injuries and wear and tear. Injuries can occur when the ulnar collateral ligament in the thumb is torn or stretched too far. This is known as skier’s thumb or gamekeeper’s thumb. Fractures and dislocations can follow a bad fall or collision that impacts heavily on the thumb and wider hand area. Thumb joint pain can be alleviated with rest, applying an ice pack, taking painkillers and wearing a thumb splint. If you are concerned about your thumb pain, or it is not healing as expected, seek medical assistance straight away. Avoid taking ibuprofen in the first 48 hours after a thumb injury, don’t use heat packs or lift anything heavy with the affected hand. Pain often feels worse at night.

Wearing a thumb splint can help ease pain and support you in a return to daily life. Choose a splint that offers strong support to immobilise the joint correctly. Additionally, look for good stabilisation and adjustability to ensure a perfect fit. Make sure it is flexible enough for you to move the rest of your hand and is made of breathable fabric to stop your thumb from overheating.

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