Those ligaments that support the thumb are stretched or torn, resulting in a sprained thumb. It commonly occurs when you fall on your outstretched hand or when your thumb forcefully bends backwards. A thumb sprain is considerably less severe than a broken thumb. Moreover, a fractured bone or a torn ligament may need long-term care and treatment while healing.

Skiers and athletes who actively participate in sports that require catching and throwing a ball, such as a baseball and a basketball, are prone to sprained thumbs. When you sprain your thumb, you may generally feel sharp pain, stiffness, and discomfort at the palm side of your hand. You might feel difficulty gripping or squeezing objects, or you might be unable to move your thumb in a circular motion. Swelling and bruising are also visible symptoms around the base of your thumb and palm.
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However, resting your thumb and applying ice helps reduce swelling and pain after a few days. Your doctor may ask you to wear a thumb brace or a splint for its protection and faster healing during or after treatment, although you may need surgery to restore joint stability in more severe cases.

If you wear a splint and do therapy exercises, a moderate sprain may recover in nearly seven weeks. But, if you have a painful thumb injury like UCL surgery, it may take several months to recover.

Even if you have a minor thumb sprain, you should consult your doctor if it does not recover quickly. A proper diagnosis and treatment of a thumb injury are required to avoid long-term effects such as constant pain, instability, and weakness.

Your doctor may recommend x-rays of your thumb to ensure that you don’t have an acute injury like a fracture. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan can be performed if more information is required. These tests can help your doctor determine the severity of your injury and damage.

However, appropriate bracing and supporting equipment is essential to avoid further injury and improve the healing process of damaged ligaments. At 360 Relief, you can find a vast collection of thumb supports and braces to prevent injury and make the recovery process faster. They can help you provide additional support to your injured thumb and help reduce chronic pain.

How Long Does A Thumb Sprain Take To Heal?

Wearing a brace or cast is an easy way to treat a sprained thumb. A sprained thumb takes 03 to 06 weeks to heal completely. However, if your thumb sprain is severe, you may require surgery.

Should I Massage A Sprained Thumb?

Yes, massage is an ideal choice to help with a thumb sprain recovery. You should massage the knuckle and the muscles attached to it. Massage will help increase blood flow and hopefully speed the healing process.

Should I Wear a Splint For A Sprained Thumb?

Many people use a splint to reduce swelling or pain. Wearing a splint can relieve pain and swelling. However, it can also be used to wear in other cases, such as post-operative conditions.

How Does Thumb Sprain Happen?

The most common way for a sprain to occur is by falling onto an outstretched hand. Moreover, it also usually happens when a strong force bends the thumb backwards or away from the hand palm.

Does A Thumb Sprain Heal On Its Own?

If diagnosed and treated correctly, a sprain can quickly be healed with no complications. However, if left unattended, a sprained thumb can cause severe problems such as chronic instability, arthritis, and weakness.

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