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Weightlifting helps improve body fitness and muscle strength, but improper weight lifting techniques can be harmful to your body. Weightlifters require repetitive knee bending motions, which can put extra pressure on your knees, resulting in overuse knee injuries. You should stop lifting further when you feel knee pain during weightlifting and other workout routines. Continuous lifting weights can make you susceptible to developing serious knee injuries.

2pcs Padded Knee Support Brace for Sports & MMA Training


Prevent your knees from chronic Injuries and pain!

360 Relief Padded Knee Brace Support provides comfort, reduces knee discomfort, and protects them from re-injuries!

Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support & Brace for Pain Relief


Prevent knee discomfort and take part in your athletic activities!

360 Relief Knee Support Brace provides support and compression across the knee joints and enhances your athletic activities.

Hinged Knee & Leg Brace for Ligament Injuries & Pain


No more Knee & Leg Discomfort!

360 Relief Hinged Knee & Leg Brace can help to ease ligament pain and prevent injuries from occurring by providing support and protection.

Hinged Knee Brace Support for Relieving Pain & Discomfort


Protect your knees and avoid discomfort!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Support Brace supports and stabilizes a damaged knee and eases pain and inflammation while recovering.

Hinged Knee Support Brace for Knee Cartilage Injuries & Relieve Pain


Get back on your feet again!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Support Brace effectively reduces pain and protects your knees from re-injury while providing support and comfort.

Knee Support Brace for Injury Recovery and Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

Adjustable Knee Strap, Non-Slip & Extra Compression – provides solid support for your knee joint and grips your thigh firmly without slipping down.

Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace to Relieve Pain & Discomfort


Treat knee injury and pain with us!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Brace is great to relieve pain and discomfort by providing complete support and comfort.

Neoprene Knee Support with Anti-Slip Design for Arthritis Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

360 Relief Neoprene Compression knee support braces are designed to promote better blood circulation while keeping your knee firm and reducing stiffness.

Patella Knee Brace Double Strap for Running & Joint Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

360 Relief Compression dual knee brace is designed to promote better blood circulation while keeping your knee warm and reducing stiffness.

One of the best Knee Braces available in the market for your workout and leisure activities.


Nagging knee pain is a common symptom of knee injuries during weightlifting; however, severe conditions may result in full-blown knee injuries, including patellar tendinitis and ligament tears. You need to consult your GP immediately to diagnose the causes of pain and start treating the symptoms accordingly. Knee support helps reduce extra pressure from muscles and joints and restrict unnecessary movements to prevent injuries. Keep in mind that knee supports can only work when you use them accordingly. If you want to wear knee braces to support your knees, you can wear them throughout your session.
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Knee supports also help provide the needed compressions to speed up the recovery process following a knee injury or surgery. It is better to wear knee supports according to your healthcare professionals’ instructions. If your healthcare provider recommends, you can wear knee supports all day. Otherwise, improper or overuse of knee support can worsen your pain or cause further damage to the knee. When you wear a brace too long to immobilise your knees, it can weaken your knee muscles and joints.

Knee supports are of different types concerning their protection level, types, materials, and more. Protection levels range from one to three categories. Level 1 knee supports offer the least compression but provide more flexibility. Level 2 knee supports provide more protection with less flexibility and allow a suitable range of motion.

With Level 3, knee supports have limited movement.  As they are generally heavier than others. You can find knee supports of different types including, knee sleeves, wraparound braces, hinged knee braces, knee straps, and closed and open patella braces. A knee brace should be comfortable enough to provide the needed compression based on your individualised needs.

Ask your GP or professional trainers to choose the best knee supports according to your needs. 360 relief provides you with the best knee supports, in a variety of colours and sizes, to have a safe weightlifting experience.

How Does Knee Support Work?

A knee brace helps take the weight off of the joints and restrict unnecessary motion to prevent injuries. But, you should wear knee braces only when you need them or when your healthcare professional advises.

Can I Wear Knee Support During Weight Lifting?

Knee braces are helpful when you wear them during a workout to warm the joints. Some knee braces also help provide light compressions and confidence in lifting heavyweights. You should consult your trainer before choosing the knee braces.

Is Weight Lifting Bad For My Knees?

Weight lifting is a great way to improve muscle tone and body fitness, but carelessness can be harmful to your knees. Weightlifters sometimes suffer from nagging knee pain. In some severe conditions, you can develop full-blown knee injuries like ligament tears or patellar tendinitis.

Can Knee Support Hurt My Knees?

Knee braces may make you feel more confident during a workout, but they do not help your knees to work more effectively. Once you take them off, the chances of new injuries and recurring injuries may increase.

How Can I Clean My Knee Support?

Usually, knee braces are worn directly next to the skin. This is why frequent cleaning is necessary. You can clean knee braces by washing them with mild soapy water. If your braces have removable pads, wash them by hand and air-dry them.

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