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Wrist injury from Boxing

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Whether training as a professional or boxing for fitness, you transmit repetitive and considerable force through your wrists and hands when boxing. When hitting, repetition and great force can sufficiently cause instability within wrists, compromising functional use of one or both wrists. The most common wrist injuries that boxers get include scapholunate instability, finger metacarpophalangeal (MCP) carpometacarpal instability, ligament sprains, and joint sprains.

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360 Relief Adjustable Wrist Brace can help you to reduce pain, swelling and keep your wrist in a neutral position to avoid unusual movements for faster recovery.

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360 Wrist wraps are perfect for supporting your wrist while power lifting, dead lifts, during squats or other exercises that may strain the wrist.

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In mild injuries, like a wrist sprain, your wrist may slightly swell, and you could feel mild pain while moving it. You may notice bruising and skin discolouration in severe conditions. Stop boxing if you feel pain and other symptoms, and consult your GP immediately. He will ask about your medical history and how the injury occurred. Mild symptoms can be diagnosed through a physical checkup and can take two to three days to heal. However, your GP may request x-rays or imaging tests to determine the severity of the injury, such as fractured bones, which may take several weeks or even months to heal completely.
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Initial treatments for mild symptoms may include rest, ice massage, compression bandages, and elevating the injured areas. Your GP may suggest nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, to relieve pain and ease swelling.

The doctor may recommend immobilising the wrist with a light cast or splint for people, especially boxers or competitive athletes with moderate or severe symptoms. Surgery may be required when severe injuries cause significant instability in the wrists. Always try to practice under the guidance of your coaches. If the coach is not available, make sure you have learned all the striking techniques correctly.

Gloves play a pivotal role in boxing. Make sure that your boxing gloves are correct in size. Consult your trainer for choosing the best boxing gloves and other boxing equipment. Dynamic stretches help increase elasticity and tendon flexibility. Learning proper form and posture is also helpful to have a safe boxing experience. A highly nutritious diet, including vitamins, carbohydrates, and good fats, help keep your joints and muscles healthy.

Wrist supports help protect your wrists during boxing and reduce the symptoms of minor wrists injuries from boxing. At 360 relief, you can find the best wrist supports to help with wrist injuries in boxing.

How to treat an injured wrist from boxing?
  • Rest your wrist
  • Apply ice to minimize swelling
  • Wear a wrist compression sleeve
  • Elevation
  • Apply heat after 3 to 4 days of injury and stop icing.
How can I prevent my wrist from injury in boxing?

Boxing is a physically intense and high-impact sport. The common boxing injuries occur in wrists and knuckles mainly. So, it would be better to wear wrist support and braces. They protect your wrists and hands and may help you to recover from injury and pain faster. You can also apply ice immediately after injury, and it helps to decrease swelling.

Why do my hands feel pain after boxing?

Pain and soreness in hands are common after boxing. If you do not care for your hands before and after boxing, it might worsen the pain. Overtraining and overusing are the leading causes of a wrist injury in boxing, so try to avoid them.

Why do boxers put their hands in rice?

Boxers put their hands in uncooked rice because it can help them to strengthen their hands and wrist. The boxers can also make their hands more stable, and It can help prevent injuries.

Does boxing help to make my hands stronger?

If you’re serious about boxing, you’re probably doing some sort of strength and resistance training. Plus, it also helps to improve your hands’ grip. But always keep in mind that there’s always a chance of injury in the sports activity. So, wrapping or wearing protective gear helps you to avoid injury.

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