Overusing the thumb for long periods while playing games, falling on an outstretched thumb, or catching a ball with an extending thumb can cause a gamekeeper’s thumb. In addition, arthritis and nicotine use can make your thumb more prone to damage and injury.

You can experience a severe injury in the thumb if collateral ligaments are torn or ripped completely. You may suffer from a few symptoms like acute pain, swelling, and bruising. But it entirely depends on the severity and cause of your injury. It might be difficult to grip, write, or move your thumb in a circular motion. If the ligament is completely ripped, a lump may appear on the thumb, or your thumb may hang at an unnatural angle. However, chronic hand and finger injuries require an immediate diagnosis and may need surgical treatment to avoid long-term damage.
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You can take initial treatments like rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medicines, and elevating the thumb. These can help to reduce swelling and pain. Thumb splints or braces that support and immobilize the thumb are also essential for faster healing.

Mild or severe thumb injuries may require physiotherapy and immobilization to regain the thumb’s strength. More than 90% of UCL injuries will heal with proper care and bracing throughout the injury recovery process. The bracing of a thumb provides support according to the natural curve of the palm.

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They can help prevent your thumb from moving and stabilize your sprained or fractured thumb.

How To Treat Gamekeeper's Thumb?

Doctors always recommend immobilising a thumb in a cast or splint. You should wear a splint continuously for at least 03 weeks or so. You may remove the splint after 03 to 04 weeks to perform hand therapy and exercises.

What Is The Usual Cause For Gamekeeper's Thumb Injury?

Gamekeepers Thumb (ulnar collateral ligament) is usually caused by hyperextension of the thumb joint (metacarpophalangeal). It usually occurs when someone falls onto their thumb or if the thumb gets hit with something.

Can A Gamekeeper's Thumb Injury Heal Itself?

A Gamekeeper’s Thumb injury cannot heal on its own. Usually, you will have outpatient surgery (the patient can go home within the same day of surgery).

How To Diagnose Gamekeeper's Thumb?

You have gamekeepers’ thumb or ulnar collateral ligament injury if you are feeling:

  • Pain and swelling at the base of your thumb
  • Bruising at the bottom of your thumb
  • Difficulty in pinching, grasping and throwing objects.
How To Get Quick Relief From Gamekeeper's Thumb?

Immobilise your thumb immediately with an elastic bandage or brace to reduce pain. To minimise swelling, apply ice to the affected areas.

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