A body arm support or sleeve is an elasticized, tight band of fabric commonly worn on the arms to improve blood flow. Body Arm supports are primarily worn for the benefits of compression they provide. Various studies have shown that compression helps stabilize the arm muscles and increase blood flow, helping recovery after minor injuries or rigorous activity.

The improved circulation and muscle support provided by arm supports give many athletes an edge over the competition or game. Arm supports or sleeves also offer athletes and outdoor workers UV protection throughout their sessions in the daytime. Besides this, they help soothe the pain caused by joint movements. The compression from arm sleeves keeps the joints and tendons flexible.
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During a workout or high contact sports, your muscles need increased blood flow, oxygen, and energy. Therefore compression sleeves or arm supports are worn during sports and exercise. You can also wear them after rigorous activity to reduce aches and inflammation.

Travellers can wear compression socks to fight against fluid retention and swelling around the arms. Besides this, your surgeon may also suggest wearing arm support after surgery to encourage your skin to heal and minimize the swelling and potential injury recurring risks.

Throughout your session, you can wear arm braces to provide extra protection to your arms during exercises or sports. Remove them before bed if you are using high compression sleeves or braces. For wearing arm braces to reduce pain and other symptoms, you should consult your GP to know how long you should wear them, as wearing them for too long can cause muscle atrophy, incorrect activity, and loss of proprioception.

It can be harmful to wear a brace to decrease the pressure, and the load on the arm can increase the stress and burden to the surrounding areas. Wearing an arm brace all the time may also be aesthetically unappealing.

Whether you want to support your arm during sports or reduce the risks of injury recurring, arm braces help keep your arms stable and healthy.

What Is The Use Of Arm Support?

Arm support or braces provide a good firm grip around the desired area. It helps people with limited arm and shoulder function to move their arms freely. It may also help to conduct all kinds of daily activities.

When Should I Wear an Arm Support?

You need to wear arm support after injury in your arm. It helps to keep your arm still and immobilized. However, sometimes, you also need to wear arm support after surgery to speed up the healing process.

Is It Good To Wear Arm Braces While Sleeping?

Wearing arm support while sleeping helps reduce pressure on the injured elbow tendons. It also helps to reduce pain and offers you comfortable sleep.

Do Compression Sleeves Help To Reduce Elbow Pain?

Athletes and gym enthusiasts use compression sleeves to reduce elbow pain and swelling. They wear compression sleeves during and even after workout. However, compression sleeves offer temporary comfort and will not cure elbow injury.

What To Wear For A Golfer's Elbow?

Experts recommend wearing sport elbow straps along with sport wrist straps to avoid golfer’s elbow. Tendon muscles get support because of these straps. They also provide stability to the forearm while swinging a shot.

Elbow Support Sleeve Strap

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