Knee pain is a common problem that people suffer from in the UK and usually occurs when you put extra weight on your knee. It can range from mild to full-blown injuries. The primary function of a knee brace is to provide the needed support or compression to the knees. This compression supports the muscles and ligaments in the knee.

They allow a person to remain mobile without putting their full weight on the knees. Knee supports are usually used for three primary reasons, which will determine the type of braces you need to wear. The first reason is to wear them as a preventive measure to manage minor injuries or avoid recurring injuries during exercises. The second reason to wear a knee brace is to rehabilitate a knee after a severe injury or surgery. The third reason people might use a knee brace is to manage chronic conditions, such as arthritis. Bracing helps reduce inflammation and pain in arthritis and other chronic diseases.
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They may also be divided into several categories based on their support and compression levels, from mild to moderate and maximum. After diagnosing the symptoms, your GP will decide what type of knee brace is best for you.

When wearing a knee brace, it is important to fit it correctly. A loosely fitted brace will slide down your leg and not adequately support and compress your knee. On the other hand, a tightly fitted brace will cut off circulation to your leg or may pinch your leg nerves. It may result in discolouration, tingling, numbness, or swelling around your knees or legs.

You can wear a knee brace all day long if your GP recommends doing so or wear it during certain activities. Remember that excessive knee brace use may worsen your pain and cause skin problems.

When you experience knee pain or other symptoms, the first thing to do is go and see a doctor to find out the cause. Once the problem has been identified, knee support is likely to be recommended.

Do Knee Supports Reduce Knee Pain?

Knee supports are kind of a tool that helps to reduce the discomfort of knee osteoarthritis. A knee support or brace may help to reduce pain. It can also improve your ability to get around and help you walk more comfortably.

Is It Good To Wear Knee Support All Day?

You can wear knee support all day if your orthopedist or GP recommends it. Although improper use or wearing a knee brace may worsen your pain and cause further damage to the knee.

When Should I Wear Knee Support?

Usually, you should wear knee braces if you suffer from knee pain or wish to prevent injury during high contact sports. Knee braces can also be worn for the rehabilitation process from a knee injury.

Should I Sleep With My Knee Sleeves On Knees?

You should monitor the stiffness or limited range that may happen due to wearing knee braces at night. However, most orthopedists do not recommend sleeping with knee braces. In case you want to stabilize your knee after surgery, you can use it.

What's The Best Way To Sleep With Bad Knees?

If you want to sleep on your back, support your knees by putting a pillow below them. If you’re going to sleep on the side, keep your knees in a flexed position to minimize the knee pain.

Hinged Knee Support Brace

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