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Jumping may result in various injuries, including ACL tear, patellar or quadriceps tendon tear, cartilage tears, and jumpers’ knees. ACL tear usually results from sports activities, when your foot is firmly planted on the ground, and your knee feels a sudden force while your leg is slightly bent or straight. The causes of ACL tear may include a sudden change in the direction, slowing down from running, and landing from a jump. A direct fall or awkward landing from a jump may result in patellar or quadricep tendon tear.

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Cartilage provides cushioning around the knee, and a forceful rotation or twisting can cause it to tear, resulting in pain and swelling. Jumpers’ knee is an overuse injury that occurs when frequent jumping or running damages the patellar tendons. The common symptoms of knee injuries from jumping include extreme pain, large wounds, knee deformity, joint instability, and a popping sensation. If you experience any symptoms after jumping, stop performing activities to control further damages. A physical exam and a thorough medical history will help your doctor diagnose the injury.
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Your GP will order radiological tests, including X-rays and MRIs, to determine the severe symptoms. Home remedies, medications, and physical therapies are recommended for minor to moderate injuries. The best home remedies are rest, ice massage, compression bandages, and elevating exercises. Over-the-counter medications help relieve pain and inflammation.

Recovery of knee injury depends upon the location and severity of the damage. Mild symptoms may reduce within a month. However, severe injuries such as stage III jumpers’ knees can take up to nine months to heal completely. Once the patient is recovered, the chances of injury recurring may be high.

You should follow preventive strategies to keep you safe during workouts or sports, such as performing warm-ups before playing and using the correct form when jumping or running. Try to wear knee braces and other supportive equipment when necessary.

Knee braces help support and protect your knees during play and working out. They also help provide compressions to speed up the recovery process following a knee injury. You can find a variety of knee braces at 360 relief to help with the knee injury caused by jumping.

Can jumping cause knee injury?

Overuse of your knee joint, such as regular jumping on hard surfaces, causes jumper’s knee. Your tendons become strained as a result of overjumping. It’s commonly a sports-related injury caused by the stretching and contraction of leg muscles.

What if my knee is accidentally twisted after the jump?

The knee cartilage can tear by severe impact or twisting. The leading cause of torn cartilage is playing sports activities like jumping, trekking, or running. You may feel intense pain, swelling, discomfort, and difficulty in straightening or bending the leg.

How can I treat a jumper's knee at home?
  • Rest your legs.
  • Always take a break after a sports activity.
  • Stop doing an activity that requires knee movements
  • Apply ice packs to reduce swelling
  • Do physiotherapy or mild stretching
  • Wear knee supports
  • Do elevation
How long does a jumper's knee take to heal?

It depends on the severity of your injury. If you have a mild to moderate injury like muscle sprain and strain, it will heal up to 6 weeks. But if you’re suffering from a severe injury like tendonitis or arthritis, then it could take months or years to heal with proper treatment and care.

Can I do squats with the jumper's knee?

You must rest your knee if it is sore and swollen. Avoid climbing the stairs and jumping sports. When sitting, always keep your knees straight. Moreover, stop doing squats; it will worsen your symptoms.

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