Has your pulled calf muscle limited your sports and everyday activities? We suggest you wear the best calf compressions that will help restore your calf functionality. The calf compressions and sleeves are designed for comfort. They can also help to prevent further damage. When you feel difficulty standing on your toes and problems bending your knee, you may have developed a pulled calf muscle. People may also feel sudden pain and swelling in the back lower muscle.

Sometimes, you may also feel a popping sound in your calf. This usually happens when you overstretch the muscles in the back of your leg. This calf injury can involve mild outstretching of muscles, or your muscle may completely be torn. You can improve minor injuries with rest, ice, compressions, and elevation. Although, a severe calf torn muscle may require surgery. Here are some key benefits of using calf compressions. Compression helps to increase venous blood flow through the muscles.
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Calf Leg Compression Sleeves

360 Relief Compression Calf Sleeves are designed to promote better blood circulation to the leg muscles and helps prevent cramps and to lessen fatigue.

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It also boosts nutrients and oxygen return to the legs to ease muscle fatigue. Compression fabrics help improve lymph drainage, which aids in recovery and healing. Compression fabric also protects muscles during exercise and reduces the impact of forces on muscles, which decreases the risk of inflammation, swelling, and muscle damage.

Here are some key points to choosing the correct calf compression for you. You must know what the compression level of the sleeves is. To get long term results, the durability of compression does matter. Make sure that you are buying a pair that is going to last you for a while. One must purchase calf compression sleeves for different temperatures and weather conditions.

That is why there is also a need to factor in what temperature you will be running in. The fabric you choose for compression sleeves determines the comfort level. In the end, we also advise you to take the correct measurement. Choosing the right compression sleeve will help speed up recovery.

You can find a good collection of calf compressions that help in improving your calf condition. These calf compressions may help recover all types of calf injury especially pulled calf muscles. You can also use these calf compression sleeves for walking, running, jogging, and any mode of transportation.

What are the symptoms of pulled calf muscle?
  1. Difficulty in walking
  2. Feeling pain when flexing
  3. Pain when bending the leg
  4. Snapping and popping sensation in the calf
  5. Sharp pain in lower legs
  6. Swelling in calves
Should I stretch my pulled calf?

It’s good to do a gentle and mild stretching of your calf. It promotes blood circulation, which helps to enhance the natural recovery process. It will also help your legs to get back into their normal position and reduce the risk of further injury.

Is heat good for pulled muscles?

Heat is one of the best ways for a pulled or strained muscle to relax. Heat increases blood circulation and improves the healing process. But remember that applying heat too soon on an acute injury can increase swelling.

How long would it be to recover pulled muscle?

Pulled muscle recovery almost takes up to six weeks with proper rest and care. But if you leave your calf untreated, it could turn into severe injury, and you could suffer more. They may cause months to heal and recover completely.

Can I run with the pulled calf?

If you continue to run, you won’t give your muscles a chance to recover. It is also based on the injury’s severity, and you may be unable to run at all.

Compression Calf Support

360 Relief neoprene wrap for your calves are designed to promote better blood circulation. Its Moisture-wicking design helps to keep your skin dry, minimizing blisters and avoiding odours.

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