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A bursa (fluid-filled sac) and rotator cuff tendons are present between the shoulder bones. If it becomes inflamed, it is called Shoulder Bursitis. Common symptoms may include redness, swelling, aches and stiffness. The pain hurts more when you move your shoulder or press it. Overuse and repetitive shoulder movements may result in shoulder bursitis. Overhead activities increase friction between tissue and bones.

Adjustable Arm/Shoulder Sling Support for Fractured Arms Elbows Wrists and Pain Relief



360 Relief shoulder sling is designed to keep your arm suspended with or without a cast. Wearing a sling keeps your arm against your body and prevents you from moving your arm too much as you heal after injury.

This friction can irritate and inflame bursae. Bursitis may occur when the fluid builds up in the bursa sacs. People with diabetes, arthritis, thyroid disease and kidney disease may be more prone to shoulder bursitis. In the initial stages, your GP may perform a physical check-up to assess the shoulder pain and range of motion. You may also get some diagnostic tests to check the extent of the injury. X-rays are used to check bone spurs, arthritis, and other problems. MRI and ultrasound help assess the inflammation in the bursa. A joint aspiration test helps determine if there is gout or infection in the bursa. Your GP may also suggest some medications and non-surgical treatments, which help relieve the symptoms.
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Adjustable Shoulder Support

360 Shoulder Brace provides support and stabilizes the shoulder for pain relief. Helps tendonitis, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, dislocated, torn muscles or ligaments, etc.

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Temporarily stopping all physical activities involving the shoulder provide you relaxation and comfort. Ice packs help reduce inflammation and pain relievers and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, help reduce swelling and pain.

Physical therapy exercises, antibiotics, corticosteroids, and bursa injections are the best medications and non-surgical treatments. If non-surgical treatments do not work and the symptoms worsen, your GP may recommend surgery to remove damaged tissues and inflamed bursa to make space for the bones and tendons to move easily.

Healthcare professionals also suggest some preventive measures to reduce the risks of shoulder bursitis. Stretching and strengthening exercises are essential. Before going for any activity, you must warm up your shoulders. Avoid repetitive movements and wear shoulder braces to ease the stress on the shoulder.

A shoulder brace helps give your shoulder extra support and minimize movement to begin the recovery process. You can wear shoulder braces as long as your GP suggests wearing them. 360 relief provides you with the best shoulder braces to minimize the symptoms of shoulder bursitis.

How Does Shoulder Bursitis Occur?

Shoulder bursitis, also known as impingement syndrome, occurs when redness and swelling appear between the tip of the shoulder and at the top of the arm bone. It is an inflammation of the bursa, a closed fluid-filled sac that protects the tendon.

Is Shoulder Bursitis Permanent?

No, Bursitis is a painful inflammation in the shoulder joints. It is a temporary condition that is treatable and often heals within a few months. Gentle exercises and proper rest can speed up the recovery.

How Can I Heal Shoulder Bursitis Quickly?

Depending upon the severity of the injury, Bursitis can be treated by:

  • Immobilization with a splint
  • Ice massage
  • Injections
  • Taking antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicines
Can I Sleep Comfortably With Shoulder Bursitis?

Sleeping on your back is highly recommended to have a comfortable sleep at night with shoulder bursitis. While sleeping on your back, you get minimal stress on your back, neck, and shoulder.

Does Shoulder Bursitis Heal On Its Own?

Yes, shoulder bursitis can heal on its own. Measures such as proper rest, icing, and taking painkillers can relieve discomfort. However, if it is left untreated, it can get worse.

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