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The most common skiing injuries occur in the lower legs, particularly the knee. It’s a fun sport, but most athletes are unaware that their knees work and handle too much pressure while skiing. Knee injuries occur in skiing when you fall awkwardly, when your knee hits from hard rock, or when your knee is twisted badly.

2pcs Padded Knee Support Brace for Sports & MMA Training


Prevent your knees from chronic Injuries and pain!

360 Relief Padded Knee Brace Support provides comfort, reduces knee discomfort, and protects them from re-injuries!

Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support & Brace for Pain Relief


Prevent knee discomfort and take part in your athletic activities!

360 Relief Knee Support Brace provides support and compression across the knee joints and enhances your athletic activities.

Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support for Sports and Arthritis Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

360 orthopaedic brace relieves pressure and stress on the knee-joint during exercise.

and is designed to promote better blood circulation with the added comfort.

Hinged Knee & Leg Brace for Ligament Injuries & Pain


No more Knee & Leg Discomfort!

360 Relief Hinged Knee & Leg Brace can help to ease ligament pain and prevent injuries from occurring by providing support and protection.

Hinged Knee Brace Support for Relieving Pain & Discomfort


Protect your knees and avoid discomfort!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Support Brace supports and stabilizes a damaged knee and eases pain and inflammation while recovering.

Hinged Knee Support Brace for Knee Cartilage Injuries & Relieve Pain


Get back on your feet again!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Support Brace effectively reduces pain and protects your knees from re-injury while providing support and comfort.

Knee Support Brace for Injury Recovery and Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

Adjustable Knee Strap, Non-Slip & Extra Compression – provides solid support for your knee joint and grips your thigh firmly without slipping down.

Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace to Relieve Pain & Discomfort


Treat knee injury and pain with us!

360 Relief Hinged Knee Brace is great to relieve pain and discomfort by providing complete support and comfort.

Neoprene Knee Support with Anti-Slip Design for Arthritis Pain Relief


Extra Support & Improve Performance!!

360 Relief Neoprene Compression knee support braces are designed to promote better blood circulation while keeping your knee firm and reducing stiffness.

Most knee injuries result in pain, discomfort, joint stiffness, and inflammation. You may also feel like your knees will give way or lock, and it may prevent you from bending or straightening your knee as you usually do. The injured knee may be swollen or bruised after some time.
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Although minor knee injuries may heal independently with rest, if the symptoms and pain persist for more than a week, then call a doctor. Your doctor or GP asks about how the injury occurred and what symptoms you are facing. Your doctor will help you treat knee injury with medication, physiotherapy, and knee support.

Physical therapy can usually help to limit issues and speed up the healing process. Your doctor may recommend you wear knee support when you start healing. If your medical team approves, you could start a new activity that won’t damage your knee while you recover completely.

However, a knee brace or support may help you live a better version of life and make your recovery fast. It can help reduce pain, joint inflammation, and suffering by providing extra support and protection to prevent a recurrence of injury. It is mostly made with a neoprene material which can help provide compression and warmth to boost blood flow.

However, it’s important to choose a good knee brace that’s comfortable and easy to wear. 360 Relief has a variety of knee braces and supports that can help deliver compression across your knee joints. They can also help provide support and protection while allowing your knees to heal quickly.

How Does Skiing Hurt My Knees?

Skiing puts pressure on your knees and may put you in a condition known as runners’ knee, resulting in pain around the front aspect of your knees. You may feel pain while walking, going downstairs, kneeling, or sitting.

What Are The Common Knee Injuries In Skiing?

A skier may face the following injuries during the performance:

  • Knee Sprain
  • Cartilage or Meniscus Tear
  • Runners’ Knee
Why Should I Wear A Skiing Knee Brace?

Wearing a knee brace during skiing can reduce the chances of injuries. You can provide your knees with 30% more resistance from stresses placed on the knee ligaments with a knee brace. Wearing a knee brace also helps avoid the recurrence of previous knee injuries.

What Is The Best Knee Support For Skiing?

Your knee brace must be comfortable and breathable enough to allow your knee to move freely while skiing. Knee braces are neither bulky nor heavy. Light-weight and streamlined braces help skiers perform well.

Does A Knee Brace Help With the Recovery Process?

Wearing a knee brace following an injury can help prevent further damages. Wearing a knee brace, especially a rehabilitative brace, also helps immobilize your knees to speed up the recovery process following surgery.

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